WWE Raw Results

WWE Raw Results (7/24/23)

WWE Raw Results Results

July 24, 2023

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

In-Ring Segment: The Judgement Day

Finn Bálor, Rhea Ripley, and Damian Priest are in the ring. Priest welcomes the crowd to Raw. Ripley adds that they don’t just run Raw; they run all of WWE. Bálor introduces everyone in the ring before throwing to a highlight package for Dominik Mysterio’s NXT North American Championship win this past week. Ripley gives “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio a spirited introduction. Mysterio saunters out on the stage carrying the NXT North American Championship. The crowd bathes Mysterio in boos. Mysterio introduces himself as the WWE Universe’s NEW, fighting North American Champion.

Mysterio throws to a video package that hypes him up like he’s the greatest wrestler to wrestle. The crowd responds with a “you suck” chant. The Undisputed Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn interrupt. Owens says he thinks we did this all last week. The Judgement Day stood in the ring, and Mysterio tried to talk, and no one wanted to listen. The thing that bugs Owens is when people don’t learn. No one wants to listen to Mysterio speak ever!

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If Mysterio wants to help this business, the best thing Mysterio can do is shut up. Mysterio says he won’t be disrespected, he’s a champion now. He goes pee-pee standing up. Ok, he didn’t say that, but still. Zayn says if Mysterio wants respect, he should face him in the ring tonight. Mysterio says if Zayn wants some, he can come get some. Zayn says last week, The Judgement Day made a big stink about the tag titles not being on the line. If Mysterio is a fighting champion, he’ll put his title on the line tonight. Mysterio doesn’t seem interested. Ripley accepts the challenge for Mysterio.

Becky Lynch vs. Zoey Stark w/Trish Stratus (If Lynch wins, she gets a match with Trish Stratus. If Lynch loses, she has to get a tattoo that says, “Thank you, Trish.”

Stark charges in and gets beat into the corner. Crossbody by Lynch. Stark rolls out of the ring and confers with Stratus. Stark tries to get in the ring, but Lynch floors her with a roaring elbow. Lynch tries a baseball slide. Stark avoids it. Lynch lands a few strikes. The fight spills back into the ring. Stark lands a springboard dropkick. Lynch kicks out at two. Stark gets tripped into the corner. Basement clothesline by Lynch. Lynch sends Stark out to the apron. Stark yanks Lynch down to the mat and hit a corkscrew slingshot senton.

After the break, Lynch sends Stark into the barricade. After sending Stark into the ring, Lynch drops a leg off the top. Stark kicks out. While Stark distracts the referee, Stratus headbutts Lynch with her protective mask. Stratus sends Lynch back into the ring. Superkick by Stark. Stark tries a pin, but Lynch kicks out. Lynch reverses the Z360 into an exploder suplex. Lynch runs into a boot. Stark goes up top.

Lynch cuts her off and hits up a superplex. Lynch immediately rolls Stark into a cross-armbar. Stark powerbomb Lynch to break the hold. Lynch kicks out. Lynch rolls out of the way to avoid a Phoenix splash. Stark lands on her feet. Lynch traps Stark in the Disarmher. Stratus tries to distract the referee. Lynch clocks Stratus. Stark dives off the top, only to be caught by Lynch in the Manhandle Slam. Lynch pins Stark.

Winner- Becky Lynch

In-Ring Segment: Cody Rhodes

Rhodes asks Tampa Bay what they want to talk about. Rhodes apologizes to everyone watching at home because he is going to turn his back so he can see everyone here tonight. The crowd goes nuts. We have all seen the clip of Brock Lesnar beating him up with a chair in front of his mother. He didn’t have that on his bucket list, but he isn’t surprised; he’s impressed. Lesnar is a savant. Rhodes refers to Lesnar as “Mr. SummerSlam.” Do you know who wasn’t impressed? His mother. This is the same lady who saw Terry Funk throw fireballs at his father’s face. Lesnar made a mistake.

The mistake wasn’t beating him up in front of his loved ones. The mistake is he left Rhodes breathing. Now he doesn’t want to go to SummerSlam to win the rubber match. He wants to go to SummerSlam to embarrass Lesnar. He knows there are people in the back right now saying he’s poking the bear. Rhodes isn’t poking the bear, he’s slapping it and telling him to come get it. He wants to beat Lesnar at SummerSlam because that’s what Lesnar deserves. He’s going to pen their final chapter at SummerSlam. He’s going to end this.

Backstage, Ricochet says he’s happy Logan Paul accepted his invitation to be here tonight. Everything he wants to say to Paul, he’s going to say to his face.

NXT North American Championship Match: Dominik Mysterio (c) w/Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest vs. Sami Zayn w/Kevin Owens

After a dropdown/leapfrog spot, Zayn sends Mysterio flying with a hip toss. Zayn sends Mysterio over the top with a clothesline. Before Mysterio can gather himself, Zayn lands a dive over the top. Ripley and Priest look on as Zayn celebrates. After the break, Zayn rains down punches in the corner. The crowd counts along. Zayn goes up top. Ripley distracts the referee. Priest pushes Zayn off the top. Owens attacks Priest. The referee sees it and ejects Owens from ringside. Ripley and Priest wave goodbye to Owens.

The referee sees them and ejects them from ringside as well. Mysterio is apoplectic. Zayn drops Mysterio with a Michinoku driver. Mysterio kicks out. Zayn turns Mysterio inside out with a lariat. Mysterio kicks out again. Zayn goes back up top. Mysterio cuts him off. Mysterio sets up a superplex. Zayn fights out of it and knocks Mysterio off the top. Zayn dives off the top into a dropkick from Mysterio. Kick out by Zayn.

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Mysterio continues his assault. Mysterio counters the Blue Thunder Bomb into a rana. Zayn ends up in the ropes. Zayn ducks the 619 and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb. Mysterio kicks out. Mysterio lands a 619. Zayn kicks out again. Zayn fires up and hits an exploder into the corner. Priest and Ripley toss a knocked-out Owens out onto the stage. Zayn gets distracted, and Mysterio rolls him up for the win.

Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion, Dominik Mysterio!

After the match, Zayn, the medical staff, and Adam Pearce check on Owens. After the break, Owens is in the trainer’s room. Owens thinks his ribs are broken.

Backstage, Ricochet asks Shinsuke Nakamura if he’s seen Logan Paul. Nakamura says no. Tomasso Ciampa walks in and tells Nakamura that his loss last week was on him. So he’s going to write off Nakamura’s kick last week, as they are both even now. Ciampa is on his way to settle things with Bronson Reed. He doesn’t expect to see Nakamura out there. Ciampa knows that if he does, that means he and Nakamura have a problem. Nakamura doesn’t say a word. Ciampa says good talk and walks away.

Backstage, Apollo Crews gets into it with Dominik Mysterio. Priest steps in the way. Crews says The Judgement Day are bullies, and he’d love to see them try it with him. Priest says the challenge is accepted.

Tomasso Ciampa vs. Bronson Reed

Ciampa tosses his ring jacket at Reed. The bell rings, and Reed charges in. Ciampa lands a few strikes. Reed clubs Ciampa. Reed tries a suplex. Ciampa escapes. Reed tosses Ciampa out of the ring. Ciampa and Reed trade strikes on the apron. Ciampa tries to lift Reed to no avail. Reed sends Ciampa back into the ring. Ciampa boots Reed in the face as he pokes his head between the ropes. Ciampa lands a running knee in the corner. Reed pops to his feet as Ciampa hits the ropes and hits the Oklahoma stampede. Ciampa kicks out. Reed works over Ciampa. Ciampa counters another suplex and traps Reed in a choke.

Reed starts to fade before falling backward, crushing Ciampa. Reed runs over Ciampa with a body block. Leaping elbow drop by Reed. Ciampa rolls out of the ring. Reed leaps off the apron for a shoulder block. Ciampa meets him in midair with a leaping knee strike. After the break, cyclone slam by Reed. Ciampa kicks out. Ciampa dives off the top but gets caught by Reed. Reed tries another Oklahoma stampede. Ciampa reverses it into a Scorpion Death Drop. Reed and Ciampa trade strikes. Modified famouser by Ciampa. Reed kicks out. Ciampa sets up the Fairytale Ending. Reed stuffs it. Sunset Flip by Ciampa. Reed stuffs it and sits on Ciampa’s chest.

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Reed tries to drag Ciampa into the corner, but Ciampa puts on the breaks. Senton by Reed. Ciampa fires up again. Ciampa pulls down his knee pad and gets slammed. Reed hits the ropes and eats a knee from Ciampa. Ciampa deadlifts Reed into an air raid crash. Reed kicks out. Shinsuke Nakamura walks down to the ring. Ciampa rolls out of the ring to confront Nakamura. Nakamura tells Ciampa to go handle his business. Ciampa turns around, and Reed surprises him with a diving shoulder block off the apron. Reed sends Ciampa back into the ring and hits the Tsunami for the win.

Winner- Bronson Reed

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WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Liv Morgan

As Morgan approaches the ring, Ripley attacks her from behind. Ripley slams Morgan’s shoulder into the barricade. Morgan stumbles into the ring. Ripley grabs a chair and follows. Ripley headbutts Morgan. Morgan drops like a sack of bricks. Ripley wraps the chair around Morgan’s shoulder and stomps on it. Morgan screams as Ripley smiles. Ripley yells that she warned Morgan. Ripley tells Morgan to have fun at rehab. The referee and a member of the medical staff check on Morgan. Ripley chases them off and puts the chair on Morgan’s shoulder again. Ripley stomps the chair one more time. Morgan is writhing in pain as Ripley walks away, chirping at Morgan.

No Contest

Backstage, Morgan tells the trainer she can’t move her arm.

Backstage, Maxxine Dupri challenges Valhalla to face her next week in her first singles match ever.

In-Ring Segment: Ricochet

Ricochet demands Logan Paul come to the ring now. Paul doesn’t show up. Ricochet puts over Paul and himself. Ricochet says no one respect Logan Paul because he’s a prick. He officially challenges Paul to a match at SummerSlam. Logan Paul attacks Ricochet from behind. Paul pulls out his phone and live stream himself, accepting Ricochet’s challenge. Ricochet kips up and superkicks Paul. Standing shooting star press by Ricochet. Ricochet walks away.

Backstage, Shayna Baszler says she is tired of her name being attached to Ronda Rousey. A match with Rousey wouldn’t be good enough. At SummerSlam, she’s going to fight Rousey.

Backstage, Logan Paul says what Ricochet did was unprofessional. He’s going to come to Raw next week, and he’s going to pop Ricochet’s ball head.

Damian Priest vs. Apollo Crews

Priest kicks Crews in the face as soon as the bell rings. The fight spills out of the ring. Crews catches Priest with a moonsault off the apron. Crews sends Priest back into the ring. Crossbody off the top by Crews. Priest kicks out. Priest boxes Crews’ ears. Crews falls into the corner. Stage dive by Priest. Priest hits the Broken Arrow. Crews kicks out. Priest calls for a chokeslam. Crews backflips to escape. Crews lands a flurry of offense. Priest lands a modified Pepsi twist. Priest hits South of Heaven for the win.

Winner- Damian Priest

Backstage, Becky Lynch says she said her issue with Trish Stratus isn’t over until she wins.

Backstage, Valhalla accepts Dupri’s challenge.

In-Ring Segment: IMPERIUM

Drew McIntyre immediately comes to the ring. McIntyre says Gunther issued a challenge, and he’s here, so he wants a title shot right now. Gunther says he’s not defending his title in front of the degenerates in Tampa Bay. Gunther quips that McIntyre failed at Clash at the Castle. He embarrassed McIntyre at WrestleMania. Gunther accepts McIntyre’s challenge, but they will fight at SummerSlam. McIntyre says Gunther is going to find out why they call him the chosen one. McIntyre says they will call him the new Intercontinental Champion at SummerSlam. Ludwig Kaiser interrupts and says he won’t sit here and let McIntyre disrespect IMPERIUM. McIntyre challenges Kaiser to a match tonight.

Drew McIntyre vs. Ludwig Kaiser w/Gunther and Giovanni Vinci

McIntyre works over Kaiser. After a distraction from Gunther, Kaiser takes control. After the break, Kaiser is up top. McIntyre cuts him off and hits an avalanche air raid crash. McIntyre lands a flurry of offense. Kaiser counters the future shock DDT. McIntyre drops Kaiser with the Glasgow kiss. McIntyre tries a Claymore. Kaiser counters with a flying kick. McIntyre kicks out. Kaiser hits the ropes and runs right into a Claymore from McIntyre. McIntyre pins Kaiser.

Winner- Drew McIntyre

After the match, Vinci distracts McIntyre. Gunther hits the ring, and German suplexes McIntyre. Vinci and Gunther beat down McIntyre. Riddle runs down to the ring and tries to make the save. Gunther boots Riddle’s head off his shoulders. Gunther tries to powerbomb Gunther through the commentary desk. McIntyre reverses it and powerbomb Gunther through the desk.

Backstage, Ronda Rousey accepts Baszler’s challenge.

Contract Signing

Finn Bálor is first out. Bálor notes Adam Pearce was supposed to oversee this contract signing. Pearce has his hands full backstage because of all the chaos The Judgement Day has caused tonight. The crowd sings Rollins’ theme over Bálor’s promo. Bálor notes that they are both gentlemen and can handle this without Pearce. Seth “Freakin” Rollins joins Bálor in the ring. Rollins immediately signs the contract. Rollins takes a seat. Bálor stares at Rollins instead of signing the contract. Rollins says Bálor figured out what we all knew from day one: Bálor has no chance of beating him for the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

Miracles happen, and if Bálor somehow manages to win, Bálor’s World title reign will end faster than his Universal Championship reign did. Damian Priest is gonna cash in on Bálor. SummerSlam will not be the coronation of The Judgement Day: it will be the end. Bálor laughs as he signs the contract. Rollins has it all wrong. Bálor says he’s been driven insane for the last seven years because of Rollins. The rest of The Judgement Day surround the ring. It’s been like a seven-year itch. At SummerSlam, Bálor promises to make Rollins his seven-year bitch.

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Rollins attacks. The rest of The Judgement Day Swarm. Priest hits Rollins with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Priest stares at the case. Bálor stands next to Priest. Sami Zayn runs down to the ring with a chair. Zayn lands a few good shots before Ripley snatches the chair away. The Judgement Day beats down Zayn. Rollins squares up and tries to take on everyone. Rollins is quickly taken down. Priest drops Rollins with the Razor’s Edge. Dominik frog splashes Rollins. Bálor finishes Rollins off with a double stomp off the top.

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