Logan Paul WWE RAW
Image Credit: WWE

Logan Paul vs. Ricochet Set For WWE SummerSlam

After searching for him for most of the night, Ricochet finally got face-to-face with Logan Paul, and confirmed a match between the two high-flying superstars for WWE SummerSlam.

Throughout tonight’s episode of WWE RAW, Ricochet was trying to find Logan after inviting him to meet him face-to-face tonight. Finally, Ricochet took to the ring and demanded that Paul came out, before launching into a diatribe about how Paul has no respect from anyone because he’s a “prick,” before challenging him to a match at SummerSlam.

Paul would eventually show up, attacking Ricochet from behind and knocking him out of the ring before taking out his phone and beginning to gloat.

Paul laughed and said he would be accepting Ricochet’s challenge, but his gloating was quickly stopped by Ricochet, who jumped back into the ring and delivered a superkick to Paul, before taking his phone and bragging that he’d see him at SummerSlam.