Gunther Drew McIntyre WWE Raw
Image Credit: WWE

Gunther Agrees To Face Drew McIntyre At WWE SummerSlam

WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther and Drew McIntyre‘s feud has been bubbling for some time, and now the pair will finally meet again at WWE SummerSlam.

During tonight’s episode of WWE RAW, McIntyre quickly interrupted a segment featuring IMPERIUM, demanding that Gunther face him immediately for a title. Gunther said that wouldn’t be happening in front of the “degenerates” of Tampa Bay, but that he would face him at SummerSlam, where he’d embarrass him just like he did at WrestleMania.

The two continued talking back and forth before Ludwig Kaiser stepped in, challenging McIntyre to a match in order to defend Gunther’s honor. After McIntyre won via Claymore, however, things got chaotic. Gunther and the rest of IMPERIUM quickly ambushed McIntyre, with Gunther delivering a big suplex to McIntyre, before Riddle came running down to help Drew.

This allowed McIntyre and Gunther to brawl on their own outside of the ring, where Drew would eventually counter a suplex attempt and powerbomb the Intercontinental champ right through the announce desk.