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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

AR Fox Wouldn’t Change A Thing About His Journey

AR Fox isn’t sure why it took so long to get to AEW but he wouldn’t do anything different.

Busted Open Radio spoke with AR Fox, who recently signed with All Elite Wrestling. Fox took part of the blame and said he was not sure people wanted to take a chance on him before. Fox said it took a lot of gumption for Tony Khan to give him an opportunity despite his reputation.

“I think people didn’t want to really take a chance on me because I had, you know, that energy. I think people just didn’t want to take too much of a risk with me because I have a — I don’t know. Like, I don’t. It’s hard to — I feel like it just took for someone to have, I don’t want to say balls, but it just took for Tony to just try out on me, I guess, take a chance with me.

“Because I’ve just been — I don’t want to say wild. I’m just like a wrestler, just always trying hard, but like I kind of always went to my own style. I’m not saying I broke the craziest rules, but I didn’t have like the best reputation. I feel like that might have been the reason why I didn’t get to the big stage right away. So I feel like I don’t think it’s anybody’s fault but my own. Tony’s just the one that gave me a shot.”

Despite it taking so long to sign a deal with a major company, AR Fox admits he wouldn’t change a thing about his journey.

“But I’m glad everything went the way it went because I got this like crazy independent. Some people even really respect me and all this stuff, stuff that I never thought of. If I would have just went off to the top of the beginning, I might not get the same respect that I get now. I see people that are on TV for a while when I go to the locker room or something, their names might slip my mind, but they know my name.

“So I wouldn’t change anything, to be honest. I love the grind. I love all the stories I had. All the struggles I had. It makes it that much more worth it being here today. Literally sitting where I’m at today makes it that much more worth it.”

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