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Wes Lee: If I Don’t Win At Great American Bash, They’ll Have to Carry Me From The Ring

Wes Lee says people don’t understand what he’ll do to get his title back.

“Dirty” Dominik Mysterio will defend the NXT North American Championship against Lee and Mustafa Ali at NXT Great American Bash.

Speaking on Black Rasslin’ Podcast, Lee was asked to describe how far he would go to get his title back. Lee referenced the way The Judgment Day cheated him out of the title. He then made it clear that he’d either win, or he’d have to be carried out of the ring.

“The thing is, not everybody understands what I’m willing to do to keep my championship. They blindsided me the last time,” Lee said. “That’s how they captured it. I was knocked out. I could not do anything. I’m conscious right now. I’m gonna be standing toe to toe with him.

“If anybody else is in my way, I’m getting through them to my championship. I’m telling you, they are going to have to carry me from the ring. If I do not walk out with my championship, they are gonna have to carry me out of that ring.

Lee also gave Mysterio credit for the way he has grown throughout his relatively short career.

“I’ve also been able to meet Dominik at an early stage. I just him before he was Dirty Dom,” Lee said. “I met him before he got into this business and really started to cut his teeth. I’ve know him since then. So to be able to see the growth within him, I’ve honestly gotta give him his kudos.

“I’ve done it many times before, where he’s grown so well in a very, very difficult environment. I gotta tip my hat to the man. Don’t like what he’s doing in order to be on top in his way, but I gotta tip my hat to him.”

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Wes Lee Reflects On Title Run

In a recent interview, Wes Lee reflected on his reign as NXT North American Champion. Speaking on Under The Ring, Lee made it clear that his title run meant the world to him.

“It meant a lot. That was the staple of my reign,” Wes Lee said. “I wanted to compete against the best any time, any place, anywhere. I made sure that I prepared myself for that because I never knew when the next challenge was gonna be. Especially once the open challenges started to happen. Once the open challenges happened, I needed to always be on my toes because I did not know what opponent was gonna be standing across the ring from me.

“Towards the latter part of my reign, the opponents that really stepped up and made their claim for my North American Championship were deserving. Maybe I got a little bit too overzealous in taking the challenge before the match at the Great American Bash. But yeah. Competing against the best was the forefront of my driving force. Being the North American Champion meant the world to me. It was my first singles championship, and I wanted it to be special.”

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