Maxxine Dupri WWE RAW
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Chad Gable: Maxxine Dupri Has Been Waiting For This Opportunity, She’s Running With It

Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis) discuss Maxxine Dupri‘s breakout run and preview her first singles match.

Dupri has been featured with Chad Gable and Otis in recent weeks. After making her in-ring debut in a six-person tag team match, she will face Valhalla on the July 31 episode of WWE RAW.

Speaking on WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick, Gable praised Dupri and her work ethic.

“Very, very endearing person,” Gable said. “I think that’s the thing that is winning the audience’s heart with her. There’s something about her that just endears her to everybody. She’s humble, she’s willing to learn. Really hungry. You can tell that she’s been just waiting for this opportunity. She did the stuff with the models for a long, and to their credit, those guys are awesome. She was awesome with them. They’re so entertaining, they go out of their way to do stuff on their own, shoot a bunch of stuff fit social, all this stuff, and it was so entertaining.

Gable then noted that the Maximum Male Models never got the opportunity to break out, but Dupri is running with her current opportunity.

“They never got their chance to break out, and now I feel like she’s just been clamoring for that. She’s finally been given this opportunity, and she’s just running with it. She makes her own gear, she’s training on her own during the week when she’s not at TV. She’s coming up with ideas. She’s making us take pictures that we don’t want to take all the time [laughs].

Alpha Academy Previews Maxxine Dupri’s Match

Maxxine Dupri will compete in her first singles match on the July 31 episode of WWE RAW. In the same interview, Otis and Gable were asked to describe what fans can expect to see.

“I think to keep the carnage going, to keep the train rolling. Again, Valhalla is a very tough opponent. I believe this is a normal contest, so we’re very confident behind her. Coach here has the plan.

Gable then joked that he might have to reel Dupri in a bit if she keeps doing his moves.

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