WWE Ricochet
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Ricochet Shares The One Move He Probably Won’t Do Again

WWE Superstar Ricochet is known for his high-flying, incredible moves. However, there’s one specific move he probably wouldn’t try anymore.

During a recent appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Ricochet was asked if there were any moves that, 20 years into his career, he doesn’t think he could or should do ever again. The superstar said there was one, but quickly noted that he probably could do it if he tried, but he wouldn’t.

“Honestly, probably only the double moonsault maybe, and that’s not even, honestly, I probably could still do it if I wanted to do it,” said Ricochet. “But I don’t want to, I don’t want to. I did it off the cage.”

Ricochet went on to note that he would have to “actually take some time” to practice the move.

“I would have to actually take some time to like practice, really practice, because it’s just one that’s[not used often],” Ricochet said. “I was just asked the other day, when was the last time I even did it. And I couldn’t tell you the last time that I did the double moonsault, I don’t know. Other than the one off the cage at NXT, before that even like in the ring. Man, I couldn’t tell you.”

Practice Makes Perfect

The superstar then joked that some other stuff might come much easier to him, and that although he isn’t a gymnast, he has been wrestling since he was 14, so a lot of his innate abilities for moves have become like “second nature” for him.

“I mean, technically, I guess you’re kind of right,” said Ricochet on his ability to do things without practice. “But at the same time, it’s like I have been doing. It’s like asking a gymnast to do something that they’ve been doing their whole life. Obviously, I’m not a gymnast, but I have been training myself on this type of stuff since I was six years old. Then I’ve been wrestling since I was like 14. So to literally have been doing it for so long, it is kind of second nature. Some of it is second nature when you’re out there like it is just like instinct. Some of the stuff still takes practice now that I’m getting older.”