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Kevin Owens Can’t Say He Was Close To Leaving WWE, But He Was Open To Anything

Just how close did Kevin Owens come to leaving WWE a year and a half ago?

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Kevin Owens recently sat down with Ariel Helwani of TNT Sports. When asked how close he was to leaving WWE when his contract was coming up a year and a half ago, Owens admitted he couldn’t say he was close to leaving, but he was open to anything.

“Umm, I can’t say I was close, but I don’t think I wasn’t close either,” Kevin Owens said. “I was really open to anything just because I didn’t know how — like I didn’t know anything. I had no idea how badly they wanted me to stay here and I had no idea of what was possible elsewhere; I had no clue. And honestly, none of the talks really went very far because once it was time to talk to Vince, he made it clear he wanted me to stay.

“And I felt like I wasn’t done here. Not even career-wise, but there’s also a whole side to this place that people don’t see. That people don’t know where we have a really incredible crew. And I’m talking not the wrestlers, obviously, everybody I wrestle with, I have a lot of very close friends. But the production crew, the people behind the scenes, there’s really amazing people here.

Giving Flowers

At the time, I remember I can’t imagine leaving and not seeing these people every week. Because the other wrestlers, I can probably run into them down the road or whatever. Just through the independents the last 20 years. There’s guys I haven’t seen in 10 years, but I’m still friends with them somehow, just through the bond of wrestling, right?

“But for crew people, it’s different. I probably wouldn’t ever get back in touch with one of our sound guys or anything just because it’s different. It’s a different relationship. I just see them at work. But even though I just see them at work, I know them personally. I care about them, and we have a relationship. But I swear I couldn’t imagine leaving these people behind and not never seeing them again.

“So part of me always felt like I don’t think I can leave, but I could if it’s better for me, for my family, whatever it is. But it became pretty clear pretty quick that that wasn’t going to be the case. And I was happy to stay; I was. I’m happy to be here, and I still get to see all those people every week, which is probably the best part. I go to the shows, and the people behind the scenes make this place very special. And it’s a shame because they’ll never get their flowers. But I try to give it to them as much as I can because they’re a very special group, a very special team.”

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