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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Nick Gage Does Not Like Blake Christian At All, But His Little Caesars Pizza Was Excellent

Nick Gage gives props to a Detroit legend.

Muscle Man Malcolm recently spoke with Nick Gage, who was asked to share his thoughts on GCW Champion Blake Christian.

“I do not like Blake Christian at all. I think he is very full of himself,” Gage said. “People were trying to talk to this guy and he’d [blow them off] and keep it moving.”

Despite not liking Christian, Gage said he is a fan of the hot ‘n’ ready Little Caesars pizza he had during his stay in Detroit.

“I do not like pizza that much,” Nick Gage explained. “I will say that I had Little Caesar’s last night and it was excellent. So shout out to Little Caesar’s, the pizza was hot. Sometimes you get Little Caesar’s pizza and it’s cold.”

New Face Of GCW

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Kerry Morton has something in common with Gage, as he’s not a fan of Christian, either. Morton recently sat down with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard and said he should be the new face of GCW.

Kerry Morton has worked for GCW several times in the past two years, including an NWA Junior Heavyweight title defense on New Year’s Eve 2022. Morton said he’ll give current champion Blake Christian some credit, but it’s going to be his time soon enough.

“I’m not some hardcore jabroni, whatever bullshit that they have. I’m the definition of a world champion and the face of that company. Blake Christian, I’ll give him a round of applause, but he’s boring. He’s no Kerry Morton. So what they need to do, and Brett Lauderdale, you need to be listening to this too. I’m coming to your show in November because that’s the only date I have available because I’m booked every single weekend, baby.

“I’m gonna come to your show. If I don’t get a heavyweight championship opportunity, I’m gonna flip. I’m gonna flip big. That might be tearing down the ring, throwing the barricades out of the building. I’m telling you this right now, and mark my words, within the next year, I’m gonna be the face of Game Changer Wrestling whether someone likes it or not.”

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