Cody Rhodes Brock Lesnar WWE SummerSlam
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Cody Rhodes Thought Brock Lesnar Was Going To Start Swinging Before Handshake

Cody Rhodes says he thought Brock Lesnar was going to start swinging after their match at WWE SummerSlam.

“The American Nightmare” defeated Lesnar in the rubber match between the two stars at WWE SummerSlam. After the bell rang, Lesnar surprised the wrestling world by shaking Rhodes’ hand, hugging him, and raising his arm.

In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Rhodes shared his thoughts on the bout. He highlighted Lesnar’s remarkable strength and athleticism. Rhodes also stated that he can see Lesnar’s passion for the business. He then called the match one of the top moments in his life.

“I have been so consistently surprised that I can’t get used to these moments,” Rhodes said. “First I won the Royal Rumble. Now I beat Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam? They’re once-in-a-lifetime moments in a once-in-a-lifetime run. This is my mega run, and the journey has been incredible. This is a top moment in my career, and it’s also a top moment in my life.”

Rhodes went on to recall their post-match handshake and revealed that he thought Lesnar was going to start swinging when he took his gloves off.

“As I saw him taking his gloves off, I sincerely thought he was going to start swinging,” Rhodes said. “Then we went head-to-head, and it felt like we were a millisecond away from starting up again. So I didn’t anticipate that handshake coming. When I saw his hand, I was grateful. That’s not something he does. Again, this run has consistently surprised me. The torch isn’t passed. You have to take it.”

Cody also stated that Lesnar was nowhere to be found by the time he got to the back, but the former world champion left it all in the ring.

Cody Rhodes Says He And Brock Lesnar May Have Had A Bond By Battle

At the WWE Summer Slam Press Conference, Rhodes discussed how he felt after Lesnar shook his hand. He noted that he hadn’t fully grasped the significance of the moment.

“I got asked a question right after it was over,” Rhodes said. “We were just filming some behind-the-scenes content, and I don’t think it’s dawned on me, what a moment like that really means. This run, since I came back to WWE, has been consistently surprising to me in every way. I think that’s why I am so touched by it all. It’s real. It’s as real as it could get in this world. That’ll be something that I look at and have a very deep, deep appreciation.

“I mean, the guy also hocked a loogie on me in the middle of the match. He has give me more German suplexes, F5s, F5s through tables. Absolutely eviscerated me on many levels. Somehow, someway, I felt like there was maybe just this bond by battle there in that final moment.”

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