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Ric Flair Went Into A Cannabis Coma After Smoking Too Much With Mike Tyson

Ric Flair says he once smoked so much that he went into a cannabis coma and thought he died.

Speaking with Theo Von on This Past Weekend, Flair was asked to describe what it felt like to be in a coma during his health crisis in 2017. Flair then revealed that he once smoked so much cannabis with Mike Tyson that he went into a cannabis coma.

“I just dreamt,” said of his coma in 2017. “I dreamt my daughter got married and I went back and thought about stuff in wrestling,” Flair said.

“It’s funny, I got so high with Mike [Tyson], we’re partners in the cannabis business,” Flair explained, “I got so high with Mike one night in the Hamptons that I went into what’s called a cannabis coma. I actually thought I died; I said to myself, and they brought me back to my room, and I’m in there, and I thought, I mean I wasn’t aware of anything. I kept asking people to touch [points to his teeth], like you do when you think you’ve been hurt.

“People were squeezing my hand, but I’d be talking to them. But they wouldn’t talk back to me. I was like on a delayed process, and I said to myself, ‘Did I die? Did I just die?’ Because I feel like I did when I was in a coma, but I could think. I don’t think I could think when I was in my coma. That’s the way I was talking to myself.”

Coming Out Of A Cannabis Coma

Ric Flair went on to describe how he came out of the coma. He noted that he was worried he took his clothes off or did something else wrong. “The Nature Boy” also joked that he hadn’t practiced smoking that amount enough.

“All of a sudden, the room… finally at three o’clock in the morning, I kind of sat up like Linda Blair [in The Exorcist] and went, ‘I’m alive, I’m back,'” Flair said. “I called someone on the phone and said, ‘Is this really you?’ That’s how screwed up I got. I said, ‘Did I take my clothes off at the dining room table or anything? Let me know what I’ve done wrong.’

“All I could think of was what I possibly could have done wrong. I just hadn’t done enough [weed]. But I practiced every time I knew I’m gonna see Mike. I’m about a three or four hit guy. I just said, ‘I’m gonna smoke as much as you right now, brother.”

Ric Flair has previously touted the benefits of cannabis, as he said he stopped taking Xanax due to edibles. Check out his comments here.

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