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Logan Paul: Ricochet Made It Easy To Look Good At SummerSlam

Logan Paul discusses his match at WWE SummerSlam.

Paul faced Ricochet at the premium live event and scored the win, thanks to a little help from some brass knuckles.

Speaking on IMPAULSIVE, Paul noted that he wasn’t sure how he wound up looking worse than Jake Paul, who had a boxing fight on the same night.

“I don’t know. I don’t know how any of that happened,” he said. “Why do I look worse than you [Jake Paul], and you had a fight? I had a wrestling match. He kicked me in the face. I think it was a kick in the first two minutes, but I liked it. I like that actual pain.”

Paul went on to state that he’s gotten better with the mechanics of his moves. He made it clear that he had fun at WWE SummerSlam. Paul also recalled how he felt exhausted during the match.

“I’ve gotten better with the mechanics of my wrestling moves,” Paul said. “That SummerSlam was fun. I was really tired in there, I was exhausted for some reason, and especially trying to focus on the match and perform while I’m tired and also knowing the weight of the night ahead, because that wasn’t even the most exciting part of the night for me. We gotta flight to Dallas to get to. It was a night to remember dude.”

Logan Paul Compliments Ricochet

Logan Paul went on to speak highly of Ricochet, and he noted that the latter made it easy to look good. Paul also expressed his interest in bouncing back and forth between WWE and boxing.

“Ricochet is so good. That guy is so good,” he said. “He made it easy to look good. It was a fun match, man. I’m interested to see how this conversation continues and my WWE career story arc happens with this boxing weaving in. Because I want to hop back and forth.

” I don’t know if it’s ever been done, like a dual combat sports back and forth. It’s cool. I want to find a way to weave the conversations, especially since WME just bought WWE and UFC. It’s like we’re all becoming family. It’s interesting.”

In a recent interview, Paul stated that he could be the face of WWE if he wanted to. Check out his comments here.

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