Photo Credit: NWA/Hiban Huerta

EC3 Says Tyrus Is Like A Supervillain, Compares Him To Thanos

EC3 questions if a “mortal” pro wrestler can conquer Tyrus. Is he inevitable?

Speaking on Under The Ring, EC3 discussed the evolution of his character and teased his final evolution at NWA 75.

“I guess when EC3 was born upon the world about, say, 10 years ago, 2013, in October, I mean, he was a hell of a collegiate athlete,” EC3 said. “He played lacrosse, he played polo, he was in great shape, he was great looking. But obviously he had a bit of entitlement. He had a bit of privilege to him, he was from the top one percent. He’s the nephew of a billionaire family. But through the trials and tribulations of the worlds of professional wrestling, he came a man who was battle-tested, battle-worn, scarred. He’s a man who’s been through fights, many fights.

“He’s suffered through the worst, but he’s also beaten the absolute best, and he has the scalps to prove it. EC3, he’s not even fully evolved. Come NWA 75, I think that final evolution takes place. If you look at the facts, Tyrus, a giant, a mammoth, a huge man, a champion. He’s almost a supervillain. He’s almost like a Thanos in a sense. Can a mere mortal beat him? Can a mere normal professional wrestler beat him? I would say probably not. So I think that’s why, at NWA 75, that final evolution of EC3 has to take place, and I have to become this overman I speak of.”

EC3 will face off with Tyrus for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at NWA 75 on August 27 in St. Louis.

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