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Omos Foresees Some Challenges If WWE Were To Turn Him Babyface

As the Omosapiens continue to rise in numbers, Omos ponders the possibility of becoming a babyface in WWE.

While he may be booked as an intimidating heel known as “The Nigerian Giant,” Omos has gradually molded his fanbase into one of the most loyal groups of supporters in WWE. As the Omosapiens continue to strengthen their numbers, many have wondered what Omos’ character would look like as a babyface.

Omos, a seven-foot-three former basketball, has attracted fans with his humorous and wholesome content online. In the world of WWE, though, Omos isn’t sure if his character could reasonably display those same behaviors on-screen.

“From a psychology standpoint, it can be very challenging for someone who’s seven-foot-three, muscles, and huge and intimidating, to get sympathy,” he told Sports Net Canada. “Heels don’t inspire people, only babyfaces do. And for me, that’s going to be the challenge: How can this big, giant person inspire people? Because there’s no relatability to someone who’s seven-foot-three. The moment where you see me with somebody smaller than me, the brain says, ‘I want the little guy to kick the big guy’s ass.'”

Shortly after his loss to Seth Rollins at WWE Backlash, Omos disappeared from WWE television. During Saturday’s SummerSlam event, though, “The Nigerian Giant” made a surprise return. He participated in the first-ever Slim Jim SummerSlam Battle Royal, which was eventually won by LA Knight. As of this writing, Omos’ next moves are unknown.

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