Jericho Appreciation Society AEW Dynamite
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The Jericho Appreciation Society Disbands On 8/8 AEW Dynamite

The Jericho Appreciation Society is no more, as the group seemingly disbanded on the August 9 episode of AEW Dynamite.

The group kicked off Wednesday night’s show with a mandatory meeting. Chris Jericho said that he was there as a friend, and he knows the group has had a lot of problems. Before he could go on, Daniel Garcia cut him off. Garcia reflected on Jericho pinning him last week, and said that he changed everything about himself to support Jericho. However, while the group always chooses Jericho, he never chooses them, and for that reason, he’s done. Garcia then pumped his hips at Jericho and left the ring.

Jake Hager followed suit. After he reflected on his history with Jericho, he said that he doesn’t appreciate Jericho anymore. Hager then left the ring as well. Jericho tried to salvage the situation, saying that everyone’s careers were much bigger because of the JAS.

Tay Melo quickly interrupted and said that she’ll come back to be champion without Jericho after she has her baby. Anna Jay then stated that Jericho has used them to help himself more than he’s ever helped them, and she was also done. Angelo Parker was next, saying that he’s given everything to Jericho. With that in mind, he noted that he has nothing left to give, so he would be leaving as well.

More JAS Members Leave

Finally, Matt Menard and Sammy Guevara were left. Menard said that Jericho was his childhood hero, and the last 18 months have been a dream for him. However, Menard said he understands why some of Jericho’s rivals absolutely hated him, and he proceeded to leave.

Guevara was the last to leave, telling Jericho that he wouldn’t walk out on him. However, he did say that Jericho has a lot to figure out. Guevara stated that if Jericho does, he might be there for him in the future.

After a commercial, Don Callis approached Chris Jericho and apologized. Jericho says he has an answer for Callis’ offer, and he’ll announce it next week.

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