Titus O'Neil
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Titus O’Neil Is Writing A Second Book

Titus O’Neil shared details about his latest projects.

O’Neil spoke with the media during a WWE Community event on SummerSlam weekend. Titus was asked about new projects he was working on with or outside of WWE. O’Neil shared that he’s currently working on a second book, then detailed some of his efforts in his local community.

“I’m working on my second book now. Hopefully we’ll be able to release it next year,” O’Neil shared. “It’ll be a book on fatherhood, it’s something that is my greatest title, my greatest accomplishment. So I’m working that.

“I continue working on my school,” he said. “[We] continue to grow our efforts there and continue to build resources around the school and around the community. That specific zip code is the sixth-highest zip code in the state of Florida for children living in poverty. So we’ll continue to [build resources] and outreach there.”

Titus O’Neil’s Thaddeus M. Bullard Academy is part of Sligh Middle Magnet School in the Hillsborough County Public School System. His first book, There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Kid: How I Went from Stereotype to Prototype, was released in 2019.

Silver Screen Ambitions

“I’m working on a couple of film projects as well,” he added. “Hopefully you’ll see me on the big screen, maybe with one of my best friends in Dave Bautista.

“[I’m] just enjoying every single aspect of life. God has been tremendously good to me and afforded me an opportunity to be a father to three great human beings,” Titus said. “I have this platform with WWE to be a Global Ambassador and my business ventures, the list goes on. I’m really, really honored and blessed to be in this position considering where I came from.”

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