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DDP Reflects On His WCW Theme Song Sounding Like Nirvana

DDP had one of the most popular theme songs in WCW because it sounded like a popular Nirvana track.

WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page was a recent guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet. When asked about how WCW got away with giving him an entrance theme that sounded like a popular Nirvana song, DDP told a story about Jimmy Hart flipping the beat so they could get away with it.

“You know that’s fascinating because I went to see Jimmy Hart,” DDP began. “First let’s go back to where it comes from. Jimmy Hart was a musical genius. You know we had a number one hit at one time with The Gentrys. Did you know that? A number-one hit. So what if it was a one-hit wonder? He was number one when it meant something like when they got paid and shit.

“But I went down to Florida. He said so what music do you like? I said right now listen to Nirvana. I really like them; I think they’re the sound of the 90s. And he goes which song do you like? It was between Smells Like Teen Spirit, and I can’t remember the other name of the other one. But it was between the both of them.

“And I said let’s pick Smells Like Teen Spirit. And then he did something with the music. I go, that sounds amazing. It sounds just like it. He goes, all I did was flip the beat. So if you played them both at the same time, you’d hear the difference.”

DDP was bummed out when WWE changed his music

Unfortunately, once WWE bought out WCW, Page’s old theme song went away and can no longer be heard on WCW content on Peacock or the WWE Network.

“Dude, I tell you I was so bummed out when the WWE changed my music,” DDP said. “And on all the WCW stuff, all the Peacock stuff. They changed the music because they didn’t want to get sued. And then I also found out that it wasn’t David Grohl who owned it. It was Courtney Love. She probably wasn’t even aware I was using it.”

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