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Aubrey Edwards Says She’s Working On ‘Other Titles’ For AEW Games

Aubrey Edwards teases that she is working on other projects for AEW Games.

All Elite Wrestling released AEW Fight Forever, its first console video game, on June 29. Moving forward, fans are curious to see what else the company has in store.

Speaking on Under The Ring, AEW referee Aubrey Edwards discussed her work with AEW Games. She stated that she wasn’t involved with AEW Fight Forever, but she was proud of the team.

“I’m really proud of Fight Forever. I was actually not involved with the team on Fight Forever, but the team that was did an incredible job. I know a lot of those guys, like Kenny Omega has never developed a game before.

“So going through that process and having made, previously I had worked on 12 video games before joining AEW, so seeing how that sausage gets made and seeing someone go through that process for the first time, I know what that feels like. I know that blood, sweat, and tears all too well, and I’m so, so incredibly proud of everyone behind the scenes for pulling that off.”

Aubrey Edwards Teases Other Projects

Aubrey Edwards continued by teasing that she is working on other projects for AEW Games. She vaguely stated that she is working on some other titles, and fans should follow AEW Games for more information.

“I’m working on other stuff for AEW Games that I can’t talk about yet,” Edwards said. “But it’s super, super exciting. I’m working on some other titles, we’ll just say that.”

Edwards previously had a vital role in AEW’s first mobile game, AEW: Elite General Manager.

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