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Baron Corbin Teases Forming Stable With NXT Stars

Baron Corbin is no longer “The Lone Wolf”, in more ways than one.

Speaking with Nick Hausman for Haus of Wrestling, Corbin discussed his run on WWE NXT. He repeated his past comments about how he wants to stay in NXT longer to give the main-roster fans a break from him. Coribn then teased bringing some NXT stars with him when he returns to RAW or SmackDown. (H/t Haus of Wrestling for the transcription).

“When Hunter has the idea, or whatever it is, for me on the main roster, we’re at 100%. We’re rocking and rolling,” Baron Corbin said. “So, being down there, I’m trying to fight to stay there a little bit. You know? I want to let the audience up top have a break from me. Let me work with these guys. I need to blow up some guys because then, when I come back up, maybe I’ll bring a couple of guys with me. It could be something like that.”

When asked whether he was teasing forming a faction with some NXT stars, Corbin teased his interest in the idea. He stated that his eyes are open for any opportunity.

“I mean, it’d be awesome,” Baron Corbin said. “There’s guys down there, and you look at like Ilja, you look at Bron, Melo is another one; there’s some guys down there with just massive talent, and I think maybe those are guys who you grab on to and go, ‘Hey, come with me. Let’s do something.’ You never know. I think you can do some special things with guys like that. So my eyes are open for any opportunity.”

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