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Billy Corgan: NWA Is Probably Positioned To Be The Next Big Wrestling Company

Billy Corgan has high expectations for the National Wrestling Alliance.

During a recent appearance on Insight, NWA President Billy Corgan sat down with Chris Van Vliet to discuss a multitude of topics ahead of NWA 75. Corgan was asked where he thinks NWA fits in the current landscape of the pro wrestling industry. He then shared why he believes NWA is on the precipice of being the next big company.

“I think we’re probably positioned to be the next big company,” Corgan said. “People will kind of go, ‘How does that work?’ I think it has to do with my access to mainstream media. I think it has to do with my access to every network in the world who’s interested in what I’m doing. I’m just trying to find the right business models with them. It has to do with presenting a mainstream wrestling product that the average person, if presented it on television, will respond to.”

Top Of The Heap

Corgan said it’s a “big if” but he still believes the NWA can run with the top promotions if they get where they need to be.

“I think once the NWA can get in that position, if we can get in that position, you can argue that’s a big if, but if we get in that position, I think we will run side-by-side with the biggest companies in the world. Because wrestling by in large is a cheap product to make. That’s always been its great attraction to television. It has a consistent audience that will show up week after week. So getting from let’s call it the bottom of the pile to the top of the pile, that’s a vast distance. But if you can cross that desert and get to the other side, well, it’s pretty wide open.”

NWA will present its 75th anniversary special on August 26 and 27.

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