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Kurt Angle: Ronda Rousey Didn’t Have To Put Shayna Baszler Over

Kurt Angle talks about Ronda Rousey‘s loss to Shayna Baszler at WWE SummerSlam.

Kurt Angle teamed with Ronda Rousey in her very first match in WWE at WrestleMania 34 in 2018. Now, it appears that Rousey has had her last match in WWE, at least for the time being, after losing to Shayna Baszler at WWE SummerSlam 2023.

Kurt Angle has now commented on Ronda Rousey’s loss to Shayna Baszler on the most recent episode of his podcast, the Kurt Angle Show, saying that he doesn’t believe that Ronda Rousey had to lose on her way out but wanted to do her best to make Baszler a bigger star.

“You know what? I thought it was really cool. Ronda probably didn’t have to do that. Ronda Rousey probably could call her own shots about whether she wants to win or lose. So I imagine this was a team effort between Shayna and Ronda, with Ronda assisting Shayna, to get her over, more over than she was, but I think this was really cool. A giving spot for Ronda Rousey to be able to Shayna a bigger star. You have to give Ronda a lot of credit for that.”

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