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IMPACT Wrestling Action Figure Line Cancelled; IMPACT And Distributor Comment

IMPACT Wrestling is now looking for a new action figure manufacturer.

On August 16, IMPACT posted an official statement that announced that no IMPACT action figures will be produced. IMPACT wrote that the scheduled action figures did not meet their standards or the outlined timeframe for release.

In the announcement, IMPACT noted that they are in talks with other manufacturers, and all pre-payments for the previous figures will be refunded in full.

Asylum responded to IMPACT’s tweet and wrote that they were a distributor for the figures that Epic Toys made. Asylum also apologized, as they noted that they were asked to hold off on refunds until an official cancellation. They stated that they have issued all refunds to those who ordered from them.

“As you may Have read, Impact has cancelled their action figure Line. These Figures were to be made by a company that isn’t Impact Nor Asylum. Their press Release Incorrectly Stated that we were the Manufacturer of them, which is clearly not true. We also apologize as we’ve known for some time that these were at the possibility of being cancelled for about a month or so and wanted to send refunds, but were asked to hold off until “official” cancellation,” Asylum wrote. “We’ve issued all refunds from those who ordered from us. Thank you for your business and we hope this ordeal doesn’t affect everyone doing business with us in the future”

WrestleZone will monitor the situation and provide more information as it becomes available.

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