Billy Corgan
Photo by LISA O'CONNOR/AFP via Getty Images

Billy Corgan: I’m Proud Of Putting Respect Back On NWA’s Name

Billy Corgan discusses his tenure as NWA President.

Corgan purchased the National Wrestling Alliance in 2017, and he has been rebuilding it ever since. The prestigious promotion, which was founded in 1948, had fallen on hard times in the years before he acquired it. Throughout the Corgan era, he has persevered and remained determine to build it back up again.

Speaking with Scott Fishman of TV Insider, Corgan was asked to describe what he is most proud of since he acquired the company.

“I’m most proud we put respect back on the name. When I bought it, people thought it didn’t make sense at all. I’ve had to navigate issues through that. People think it’s an old-school throwback brand. I’ve said transparently that I’m trying to navigate this thing into the 21st century.

“Since I’ve taken over, you’ve also seen changes in the marketplace with TNA rewriting itself as Impact Wrestling, Jeanie Buss back with WOW (Women Of Wrestling), and Tony Khan entering with AEW. Plus, WWE sold for $9 billion. A lot of shifting, but through it all you’ve seen the durability of pro wrestling as an entertainment offering in the digital era. It bodes well for everyone involved.”

Billy Corgan Teases Good News

Billy Corgan went on to describe how he is proud that he and the NWA have weathered some storms. He then teased that good news is on the horizon. Corgan also stated that NWA is past the point of surviving. Instead, the company is aiming to hang in the “upper tiers” of the business.

“I’m proud to stand there and weather different storms,” Corgan said. “There have been a lot of interesting things along the way. It’s not always a Sunday walk in the park. It’s a rough and tumble business, but it has been worth it. We have other good news coming any minute. So, I feel like I’ve done what I set out to do. I’ve passed the point of just survival, which was the biggest hurdle. Now we are at the point of questioning if we can hang in the upper tiers of the content game.”

WrestleZone will have coverage of NWA 75 as it airs on August 26 and 27.