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Big E: My Time Away Has Been Humbling, Thank You For Not Forgetting Me

Big E is healthy and happy fans are still following his journey.

Big E recently spoke with Steve Fall for Ten Count about his health and time away from WWE. The former WWE Champion has been recovering from a broken neck since March of 2022. Despite that, he says he is in a good place in his recovery now.

“I feel incredible, thank you for asking. But yeah, I am really grateful for [the positive news about his recovery]. It’s really sobering when you talk to spine specialists and other medical professionals and they let you know that [I am] really fortunate because we’re talking about stroke or paralysis. Thankfully, I didn’t [have those issues],” he explained.

“Having a pretty muscular neck really saved me. You realize one, how dangerous what we do is — don’t try this at home, we say it for a reason. Also more than anything it made me just grateful for life, for the fact that I’m still here,” Big E said. “I have no nerve pain, no muscular pain, no muscular issues, I feel incredible. This past year, I have felt so, so good and I’m grateful for that.”

The Show Must Go On

Big E was also asked about the transition between being home and off the road. He said getting used to being away from it is different, but he appreciates some of the time he has back.

“Your life changes fairly drastically. I’ve been on the road, especially since I’ve been out of the neck brace, but in a different capacity. Whether it’s RAW or SmackDown every week, we have live events and you’re used to that, that ‘hamster wheel’. This has been different. I’ve been with the company since I’ve been 23 years old,” he explained. “It’s been 14 years of being with the company. Even when I was with FCW and not on TV, we were still doing shows on the weekends. So to have Saturdays and Sundays free and see friends, it’s different. Although I wouldn’t have prayed to break my neck in three places, it’s not something I’m necessarily excited about. But it’s opened up some opportunities for me in different ways that I’ve been able to appreciate.”

Not Forgotten

Was he worried that anyone might forget about him?

“Honestly, I am surprised. With kids too, I would think if you’re 5-6 years old, I’ve been out for a year and a half, there’s a good chance you might have never seen me wrestle, or maybe you just don’t remember me. So you always think with what we do, and just in entertainment in general and sports, the machine keeps going,” he noted.

“There are new athletes, new talent that come in and out, but the wheel will keep running. That’s something that we all know and you have to prepare yourself for,” he stated. “But it’s really been humbling after a year and a half, people still asking about me and they want me to return. It’s been cool to see people haven’t forgotten, so thank you for not forgetting.”

Big E spoke with the media during a SummerSlam press event about being advised not to wrestle again. Check out the full video below:

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