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Paul Wight: CM Punk Adds Star Power, People Might Not Understand How Passionate He Is

Paul Wight hopes that CM Punk and others will eventually learn how to communicate their passion in the All Elite Wrestling locker room going forward.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Paul Wight recently sat down with DAZN. When asked what the recent return of CM Punk brings to the company, Wight says he brings star power.

“Star power,” Paul Wight said. “A lot of people may not like Phil’s attitude, [but] I’ve known Phil for a long time. We’ve been friends for a long time. Phil is super competitive and super driven, and he expects a lot from himself. And he expects a lot from others around him. I think a lot in the beginning; there was just a communication breakdown that people might not understand how passionate Phil is.

“Phil is a guy that’s gonna let you know if he’s upset about something. He’s not gonna really give a crap if he hurts your feelings; he’s not. He’s never been that way with me. If I’ve screwed up and done something, he’s letting me know right away what was I thinking? It goes back and forth.

CM Punk Is Misunderstood

“I kind of have the same attitude. [It’s] not quite as intense as Phil’s, but mine is very business oriented. What’s best for the program, what’s best for the overall show? And a lot of times in a business, when you have this many incredible talents with this many egos, feathers are gonna get rubbed the wrong way.

“There’s gonna be conflict. I mean, it’s not a romper room. This is a serious business with serious athletes, and everyone has to learn to communicate their passion in different ways. But the one thing that unequivocally nobody can deny is CM Punk brings star power.”

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