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Alex Taylor: The Southern 6 Are Like-Minded People Who Were Sick Of What’s Given To Us

Alex Taylor explains what the Southern 6 is.

WrestleZone recently spoke with Alex Taylor, one of the members of the Southern 6. Kerry Morton and Thrillbilly Silas Mason also round out the group, and Taylor shared some of what brought the stable together. Fans know who the 6 is, but what is it to them?

“That’s Six business, man. I don’t know if I can discuss that on air without first discussing with the boys. But I’d say a quick summary of the Southern 6,” he explained, “We’re just some like-minded people who were sick of eating the sh*t that was given to us. So, we decided, we’re going to take what we want to eat now.”

What was the transition like going from his former squad, the Ill Begotten, to now teaming with Silas Mason as part of the Southern 6?

“It was different. It’s definitely different. [Jeremiah] Plunkett and Thrillbilly are very different personalities. But like me, I think they’re both very old-school-minded, so similar in that way. I hate to see the Ill Begotten broken up,” Taylor said, “but bigger and better things for me and hopefully bigger and better things for Plunkett in the future as soon as he finds his path.”

Brothers Fight

Taylor was asked about the dynamic of the group and the possibility that they competed against each other. Taylor was in the Jubilee Jamboree at NWA 75 for a shot at the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship, then held by Morton. Taylor said it’s very much like dealing with a brother; you fight but settle your differences at the end of the day.

“You got any brothers? You ever want to just strangle your brother one day? It’s kind of like that. Some days, I want to put a pillow over Kerry’s face,” Taylor quipped. “But we don’t. It’s all right. No one else is going to touch him, but if me and him gotta get in there and handle business, we will. And it’ll be perfectly okay afterwards.”

Watch our full interview with Alex Taylor below:

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