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Orange Cassidy On His Title Reign: I Don’t Remember Matches, I Remember The Pain

Orange Cassidy is on one of the most memorable title runs in All Elite Wrestling history.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Orange Cassidy recently spoke with Denise Salcedo. When asked about his current reign as AEW International Champion, Cassidy said his goal was to take it away from PAC when he won the title, but it turned into something more.

“You know, when I won the All-Atlantic Championship before it was called the International Championship. The goal was just to beat PAC and take that title from him,” Orange Cassidy said. “Beating him was what I gained. I didn’t have an identity; like you said, it was a new championship All-Atlantic, and I didn’t know what to do with it. So I just did what I thought I needed to do, and that was defend it as much as possible.

“There are championships in this company that are able to be defended against a certain group of people like, let’s call them, the top five of the roster, those upper-echelon people. And the idea of having a championship that I could fight against the people that aren’t on television all the time or do not have the spotlight on them all the time.

“And that they are able to show what they can do because, as you know, and as we all know, AEW’s roster is very large, and there are tons of people that are just waiting for that opportunity to show what they can do because they’re all very talented. I was able to do that with this championship; I feel that this should be that. I think it should be something that we could show that like, hey, we all can do it. And that’s what I’m most happy that I was able to make this championship identify as.”

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When asked if he has any favorite matches from this reign, Cassidy admitted he doesn’t really remember the matches, just the pain he felt afterward.

“I mean, I never liked getting beat up. So none of them are my favorite,” Orange Cassidy admitted. “But it is interesting that the championship was — it started on Rampage, right? I defended a lot on Rampage against a lot of those guys that we were just talking about that. Everyone gave me a tough time. And then it slowly crept its way into Dynamite.

“Then I started wrestling the Big Bills and the Jake Hagers, and then I started getting more pain. See, I don’t remember the matches. I remember the pain that I felt through each one. So yeah, my back hurt tremendously because of Jake Hager, Big Bill, Danny Garcia. My hand is still throbbing because of Buddy Murphy. The Zack Sabre Jr. he messed it up. I wrestled against Katsuyori Shibata, like that’s crazy, right? I shouldn’t be doing that. But I am.”

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