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Saraya Believes Winning The AEW Women’s Title At All In Would Be A Top 5 Career Moment

Saraya knows she was never meant to return to the ring, which makes her match at AEW All In this weekend even more special.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Saraya recently sat down with The Sun Sport. When asked about returning to the United Kingdom with Toni Storm for All In, Saraya mentioned that Storm isn’t thrilled to be coming back, but she’s here for her regardless.

“Well, Toni doesn’t want to be here,” Saraya said. “She’s not a big fan of coming back to the UK. I was like, as much as we’re bad guys, I cannot help but feel love for my country. And whether they cheer me or boo me, I’m just happy to be here.

“But yeah, Toni is a little upset that she has to come back here, and I’m just there to comfort her every step of the way. So, hopefully, she gets a little smile on her face when she gets here. I mean, as soon as she sees Wembley Stadium, she’s gonna be very happy. You can’t help but smile, like what the heck are we doing here? This is crazy!”

Saraya is grateful to be in this position as she was told she would never wrestle again

When asked where winning the AEW Women’s World Championship at Wembley Stadium would rank in her career, Saraya says it would definitely be a top-five moment.

“That would be in my top five as well,” Saraya admitted. “Because I mean, this is very stressful for me, but also, I just never thought I’d ever be here again. So after five years, getting the opportunity to come back and go into a match where I could potentially win a championship and then on my home turf and then on the biggest stage you can get in the UK.

“I mean, it’s a big deal. Again, I keep on saying over and over again. I should not have been in this position ever. I was told I would never wrestle again. So having this opportunity, I mean, it’s incredible, and it just means the absolute world to me. And it’s definitely up there 100 percent.”

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