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IMPACT Wrestling Emergence Results – August 27, 2023

IMPACT Wrestling Emergence Results – August 27, 2023

Cody Deaner vs. Eric Young – No Disqualification

Deaner yells at Young about being the Designer, then they go after each other. EY dives through the ropes and takes out Big Kon on the floor and gets a near fall on Deaner. EY goes for a ladder under the ring and hits Kon in the face with it. Deaner gets back on offense after choking EY with a chain on the floor, then they fight over a stapler in the ring. Deaner staples EY’s fingers and armpit, then he puts a garbage can on EY’s head and hits it with a chair. Kon ends up trying to attack EY near the ringpost, but EY pulls out handcuffs and locks Kon to the bottom turnbuckle.

EY gets the staple gun and staples Deaner’s fingers and armpit, then he hits an elbow drop off of a ladder for two. Kon rips the handcuffs off of the turnbuckle to break free, then Deaner uses the distraction to get a near fall on EY. Deaner gets a barbed wire board under the ring and tries to hit a piledriver. EY picks Deaner up in a fireman’s carry, rams Deaner into Kon, who was sitting on the top turnbuckle. EY picks both of them up and hits a Death Valley Driver on the board, then hits Deaner with a piledriver for the win.

Winner – Eric Young

Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: MK Ultra (Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich) (c) vs. The SHAWntourage (Gisele Shaw and Savannah Evans) (with Jai Vidal) vs. The Death Dollz (Courtney Rush and Jessicka) vs. Jody Threat and KiLynn King)

A few quick tags start the match, then Shaw gets a near fall on Kelly. Evans tags in and tries to keep Kelly grounded, but they slug it out and Kelly hits a lawbreaker. King tags in and chokebombs Kelly into the corner. Courtney gets the tag after Jody gets caught off-guard, then Jessicka tags in and hits a running splash for two.

Masha tags in and unloads on everyone, including a Saito suplex on Courtney for two. Shaw talks trash to Jody, then Courtney tries to roll Masha up for two. Rush spears Masha, then Evans hits a Samoan drop before Jessicka headbutts her. Shaw connects with a spinning kick on King, and Shaw rolls outside after getting hit with a Death Valley Driver. MK Ultra single out Rush and connect with a double knee strike and driver to retain.

Winners – MK Ultra

IMPACT Digital Media Championship – Kenny King (c) (with Sheldon Jean) vs. Johnny Swinger

Swinger stomps and kicks King in the corner, then King whips him into the ropes. Swinger doesn’t go down, then tells King to challenge him. They both hit the ropes and Swinger lands an elbow, then King goes for a corner knee smash but Swinger sidesteps him. King regroups with Sheldon Jean on the floor, and Swinger feigns going for a dive on the floor. Jean and King run away, but Swinger follows and hits a baseball slide kick. Jean jumps on the apron as Swinger heads up top, then hops off down to the floor and ‘inadvertently’ shakes the ropes. Swinger gets crotched on the ropes, and the ref throws Jean out of the match. Heath runs in and lays out King with his finisher behind the ref’s back, but King somehow recovers and hits the Royal Flush for the win.

Winner – Kenny King

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: Subculture (Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster) (c) (with Dani Luna) vs. The Rascalz (Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz)

After some back and forth action in the opening minutes, Wentz tries to tap Webster with a wristlock. Webster gets his foot on the ropes, so Trey tags in after the rope break. Andrews finally gets in and unloads on Trey and Wentz. Andrews hits a Northern Lights Suplex on Trey and takes Wentz to the floor after he runs in. He gets another near fall attempt on Trey, then Webster assists with a dive on the floor. Andrews rolls up Trey and gets two, then Wentz superkicks Webster on the apron. The distraction allows Trey to suplex Andrews, then Wentz hits a double stomp for two. All four men eventually meet in the middle of the ring, and The Rascalz hit back handspring moves that take Subculture out.

Wentz and Trey hit a kick and stomp combo, then they go for Hot Fire Flame but Andrews gets his knees up and Webster nearly gets a win via pinfall. Andrews tags in but Wentz pulls him off of the apron, then Webster dives towards Wentz, who pulls Andrews in the way. The Rascalz hit Hot Fire Flame from the ramp and take both opponents out, and Trey connects with a rolling cutter for two. Webster breaks it up, and Wentz sends him outside. Trey uses spraypaint and slams Andrews down, but a fight between ABC and the Good Hands prevents him from making a pin. Dani Luna heads up top and dives on all four of them, then Morgan tags in while Trey sets up a suplex on Andrews. Webster takes out Wentz and hits a senton for two. Wentz and Trey finally gain control and hit a fireman’s carry stomp for the win.

Winners and NEW Champions – The Rascalz

Back To School Match: Frankie Kazarian vs. Eddie Edwards

We get a montage of both competitors making their way in the training facility and looking at photos of Killer Kowalski. They talk trash to each other and Eddie talks about all of the accolades he has that Frankie doesn’t. Eddie goes to sit in a chair and Frankie tells him to get away. Eddie sits and Frankie decks him. The referee tells them to get in the ring and they trade punches near the ropes. Frankie whips Eddie outside, then Eddie hits a drop toe hold into a chair. The ref keeps telling them to get back in the ring, and Eddie connects with a backpack stunner for two. Alisha shows up and screams at Frankie for hitting her with a kendo stick. Frankie says it has nothing to do with her, then Eddie attacks him from behind and gets the pin. Eddie screams that they are done and leaves the ring.

Winner – Eddie Edwards

Frankie is recovering after the match, but Alisha shows up and hits him with a kendo stick. Eddie screams that Frankie is a disappointment and smashes a photo of Killer Kowalski over his head.

SANADA vs. Jake Something

Jake gains the early advantage, getting two near falls on Sanada. He applies a front facelock on the mat and pummels Sanada. He sets up for a powerbomb and Sanada escapes, then he goes for Destino before transitioning into a Skull End attempt. Jake counters, but Sanada responds with a Magic Whip. Sanada hits a TKO for two and goes for Deadfall but Jake stops him. Sanada goes for a second rope moonsault but Jake catches him and slams him down for two.

Sanada comes back with some chops, then he connects with a dropkick and follows with a headscissors takedown. Jake rolls through and hits a powerbomb for two that really gets a response from the crowd. Sanada hits the Shining Wizard, Jake blocks Deadfall and cracks Sanada with a stiff right hand. Jake goes to pull him in for his finisher, but Sanada finally hits Deadfall for the win.

Winner – Sanada

Time Machine (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and Kushida) and Josh Alexander vs. Bully Ray, Brian Myers, Moose, and Lio Rush

Both sides trade offense before Bully’s team gains the upper hand. Bully decides to get a table out, so Josh Alexander gets one as well. Moose keeps Sabin grounded for some time, then Bully tags in and drops an elbow. Alexander finally gets the hot tag and he clears house, including a rolling senton on Moose for two. Myers breaks up the pin, then Kushida hits Lio with a Tanaka punch before Bully hits a suplex. Sabin dropkicks Bully and goes to help Shelley, but Sabin accidentally hits Shelley. Moose uppercuts Alexander and goes for a powerbomb, but Alexander blocks and goes for a C4.

Moose blocks it and hits the ropes, but Alexander counters and puts him in the ankle lock. Moose makes it to the ropes to break it, but Alexander pulls him back in the middle and applies a Sharpshooter. Myers heads up top and elbow drops the referee, smiling as he saved the match from ending. Myers hits Alexander with the Roster Cut, then Time Machine takes Myers out. Kushida holds the ropes for a suicide dive by Sabin, but Moose catches him and puts him through a table with a Uranage. Kushida puts Moose in the Hoverboard lock, but Moose keeps walking around the ringside area. Lio Rush sees an opportunity and splashes Kushida through another table on the floor as Bully goes after Alex Shelley on the ramp.

The lights go out, and PCO is there to face Bully Ray. PCO sets up a chokeslam on Bully, but Myers lowblows PCO and Bully tells Myers and Moose to pick him up. The trio powerbomb PCO off of the stage through a table, but PCO no-sells it and gets right back up. He chases down Bully Ray, but Steve Maclin attacks Alexander from behind. The referees ultimately restore order and get Maclin out of there, but Shelley and Alexander end up arguing in the ring. Shelley tells Alexander to take this one, and Alexander turns right into a spear by Moose.

Winners – Bully Ray, Brian Myers, Moose, and Lio Rush

A promo for Jordynne Grace airs; her return is confirmed for IMPACT’s Victory Road event on September 8 in White Plains.

IMPACT Knockouts Championship: Trinity (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna takes it outside early and hits a reverse piledriver on the floor. She rolls Trinity back inside and applies a headlock. Trinity comes back with a Samoan drop, but Deonna gets control right back with a Fujiwara armbar. Trinity makes it to the ropes to break the hold, then Deonna sets up on the ropes. They trade punches on the top turnbuckle, and Deonna hits a superplex.

Deonna and Trinity trade punches again, then Trinity goes for a full nelson bomb. Deonna blocks so Trinity hits a front flip DDT for two. Trinity hits Code Red, then rolls through and makes Deonna tap out.

Winner – Trinity