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Ethan Page: My Dream In AEW Is Getting Mic Time On A Regular Basis, It’s My Strong Suit

Ethan Page is eager to etch his name in professional wrestling history.

While he fell short in his previous quest to capture the AEW World Championship, Ethan Page is determined to bring home championship gold someday. Outside of the AEW World Championship, Page recently contemplated some other titles he’d like to hold. During an interview with MuscleManMalcolm, Page revealed which championship he has his eyes on.

When Malcolm suggested that Ethan Page consider the TBS Championship, which is currently held by Kris Statlander, Page seemed a little hesitant to the idea. Instead, Page would prefer to chase after the International Championship again.

“I have no problems with Statlander, nor do I want problems with Statlander,” Page said. “I’d prefer to fight the dinosaur [Luchasaurus] for the TNT Title. And to be honest with you, ever since it changed from the All-Atlantic to the International Title, I wanted that belt from when it was called the All-Atlantic. It still looks beautiful. I still have my eyes on the prize. Orange Cassidy, I’m ready to break that thumb off.”

Page’s Ultimate Goals

Beyond championships, Page said that his ultimate goal was to cut lengthy promos on a consistent basis in AEW.

“My dream in AEW is getting to hold a microphone on television for a lengthy period of time on a regular basis,” Page said. “I feel like that’s where my strong suit is. I’m happy to do matches any time that AEW needs. I’m all about it, but if I can tell stories, if I can talk trash, if I can get the emotion of the people on a weekly basis, I would love it. I just enjoy being a character on television.”

“Everyone gets different things out of wrestling. For me, it’s entertaining the people that actually buy tickets to be there, which is a huge part about the Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy [storyline]. Honestly, just to get to go out to their music and to feel the energy that the fans give legends, that’s what I want now. I want to be able to leave that kind of cultural impact on fans that enjoy my style of entertainment for generations to come.”

When presented with the thought of becoming a manager, Page said he isn’t opposed to the idea. Right now, though, he’s focused on carving his legacy as an in-ring performer.

“I wouldn’t hate that, eventually, but you can’t win belts being a manager,” Page said. “And you suggested that I go after some titles, so that’s the goal. I want to win a title. I want to etch my name as a part of history and professional wrestling. That’s a great way to do it, to be part of a lineage. Not just a part of someone else’s title reign, but a part of my own. So that’s the goal.”

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