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Kurt Angle Wishes He Could Still Wrestle, Focused On Quality Of Life Now

Kurt Angle hasn’t wrestled since WrestleMania 35, and it doesn’t sound like he’ll be lacing the boots up again anytime soon.

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was a recent guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet. When asked if he thinks he could still go in the ring today, Angle said he wishes, but his quality of life isn’t good right now.

“I wish. You know what, my quality of life right now isn’t so good,” Kurt Angle admitted. “I had my knees replaced about a year ago; I had back surgery about four months ago; I have to have my shoulder replaced; I still have another neck, same surgery coming up. That will be my fourth neck surgery. I really paid the price wrestling as long as I did.

“I wrestled amateur wrestling for 20 years and then Pro for 20. And looking back, sometimes I regret maybe I should have retired five years earlier. Because you know, it comes to a point in time in your life where you’re older, and you want to play with your kids. And here I am, having these surgeries; I can’t really do anything with them. I can’t pick them up, I can’t play with them, I can’t run with them.

“So it gets a little disgruntled thing that I’m not able to be the father that I want to be. And what I’m doing now is I’m having knee surgeries to have a better quality of life so I can play with them. And I just want to make it fast. Because these kids are growing up quickly. And I don’t want to miss it.”

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What do you make of Kurt Angle’s comments? Are you disappointed that we’ll likely never see him compete in the squared circle again? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.