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MJF Still Studies Wrestling Tapes: I Absorb Shit Like A Sponge

MJF might be on top of All Elite Wrestling, but he doesn’t want to stop improving as a performer.

AEW World Champion MJF recently participated in the first-ever Busted Open Town Hall. When talking about all the top stars he’s worked with in All Elite Wrestling, MJF said he continues to improve because he’s worked with these people.

“I hate everyone I’m about to mention just a little bit,” MJF began. “Because I had blood feuds with these gentlemen. But even when you’re feuding with somebody, even when you hate somebody’s guts, you pick up things.

“I was really good when I started in AEW. And I can look back now and I can still say that with a straight face. I became great after I got to be on opposite ends against guys like Cody Rhodes. Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Jon Moxley, you have to get better.

“Because if you don’t get better, you’re swimming with great white sharks, and you’ll get eaten alive. And the cool thing was, dare I say, they were in dangerous waters more so than I was by the time all of that was said and done.”

MJF takes any opportunity to get better

When asked if he’s still a sponge for professional wrestling, MJF confirmed that he is and still studies tape all the time.

“I still am. I’m a f**king lunatic. If there’s ever an opportunity for me to get better in any capacity inside of the ring, outside of the ring, on the microphone, I’ll take it. I say it all the time. People are like hyperbole. No, no, I’ve literally studied tape until like, you ever see those crazy drug addict-looking people where they have like all the red lines in their eyes and shit?

“That’s me constantly, but I’m just watching wrestling. And whenever I have an opportunity to learn in any capacity, I absorb shit like a sponge. Which is hysterical because my attention deficit is horrible. But for some strange reason, God was like, I’m going to give you horrible ADD, but you will be able to hyper-focus on one thing and one thing only.”

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