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Jeff Jarrett: A Singles Match Between Me And Grado Was Never Planned For AEW All In

Jeff Jarrett says a singles match between him and Grado was never planned for AEW All In.

Leading up to the show, Jarrett smashed Grado with a guitar during a media spot for talkSPORT. The buzzworthy moment led many fans to predict that the two stars would clash at the pay-per-view. Instead, Grado interrupted Jarrett’s segment on the All In pre-show and scored some revenge by smashing him with a guitar.

Speaking on his My World podcast, Jarrett discussed his segment with Grado at AEW All In. He noted that a singles match between the two was never planned, though multi-man matches were considered.

“The promotional stunt that took place, there was no master plan, where this was gonna go or that was gonna go,” Jeff Jarrett said. “I gotta give Tom Campbell of Cultaholic…he got word that Jarrett/Grado, and I can assure the listeners this, a Jarrett/Grado singles match, I don’t believe was ever even discussed.

“Because you just look at [the card], you don’t [have time]. He is not quote-on-quote on the AEW roster. He may have been in the corner, maybe a six-man. At one time, there was an eight-man, at one time there was a ten-man discussion, all kinds of different things.”

Jeff Jarrett Recalls Grado’s Pop At AEW All In

Jeff Jarrett continued by describing how he was blown away by the buzz that Grado got ahead of AEW All In. He then recalled the pop that Grado got on the Zero Hour pre-show prior to the pay-per-view.

“But at the end of the day, lot of chatter that went on with it,” Jeff Jarrett said. “But Tom led the charge, and he went heavy with it. The amount of social media buzz that took place the seven days beforehand, my gosh.

“So when Grado’s video wall popped up, what a roar in the crowd. It was big. It was a big, big pop, and this is an hour before the actual show started. So great moment. It was a really, really good moment across the board.”

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