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Bayley Is Sick And Tired Of People Disrespecting Damage CTRL

Bayley is certainly tired of Charlotte Flair‘s obsession with gold getting involved in Damage CTRL‘s business.

Following what occurred last night on WWE SmackDown, Cathy Kelley interviewed a frustrated Bayley backstage. When asked about Charlotte Flair getting involved in her match with Shotzi earlier in the evening, Bayley frustratingly admitted it wasn’t something they were prepared for.

“What if Charlotte walked in on this interview right now? Are you prepared for that,” Bayley asked. “Are you always on your toes? Because we are. Look at the champion; we got eyes all over this place. We got eyes like a spider around our heads.

“But no, we’re out there minding our own business. So we didn’t expect Charlotte — you know, Charlotte sees gold, and she has to follow it. She’s like, sniff sniff sniff, where’s the championship? Oh, it’s out there. Let me go out there even though she has nothing to do with us!

“We don’t want Charlotte around. I’m done with Shotzi; she can stalk me as long as she wants. She’s an idiot for playing into Charlotte’s games. I thought she was a good, fair competitor. No, but she took advantage of me. She took advantage of Charlotte coming out and disrespecting us. I am so tired of you and you and you and everybody disrespecting Damage CTRL, okay?

Damage CTRL is certainly looking for revenge next week on SmackDown

“She is the champion. IYO SKY is the champion. [A loud boom is heard in the background.] AJ Styles just had fireworks out there. Does he know that Damage CTRL is conducting an interview? Can you believe this?”

When asked if they were prepared for next week’s tag match, Bayley made it a point to inform Charlotte that IYO SKY’s title wasn’t on the line.

“They know that it’s not for the title, right?” Bayley asked. “Does Charlotte know the title is not on the line? She wants to tag team match with us? Damage CTRL, the two-time women’s Tag Team Champions, and I’m a former two-time women’s Tag Team Champion, the first ever. So go tell Charlotte we’re ready.”

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What do you make of Bayley’s comments? Do you believe Damage CTRL is being disrespected by those within WWE? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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