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Orange Cassidy: AEW International Title Reign Has Been The Best Run Of My Career

Orange Cassidy says his reign as the AEW International Champion has been the greatest run of his career.

Cassidy won the title on the October 12, 2022, episode of AEW Dynamite. He has defended it numerous times since then; he has retained the championship 31 times. Cassidy will put the title on the line against Jon Moxley at AEW All Out.

Speaking with Brandon Walker on Barstool Rasslin’, Cassidy was asked whether the title reign has been the greatest run up to this point.

“Yes. I think it is, absolutely,” Orange Cassidy said. “When I won the, at that time, All-Atlantic Championship, it was just a, no one knew what this belt was. PAC has it, and obviously he’s one of the best wrestlers ever to exist. The goal was to beat him. I beat him, and I got this All-Atlantic Championship.

“It’s like, what is it’s identity, what is it? I just decided to make it the thing that anybody can fight for. As you know, there’s a lot of people on the AEW roster. There are tons of talented people that sometimes don’t get the light shined…they don’t get that spotlight. So it was kind of my goal to do that, show all these incredibly talented people and get some good fights out of it. Once I have the backpack and the belt, I just feel like I should wrestle.”

Orange Cassidy: AEW International Title Represents What AEW Stands For

Orange Cassidy continued by describing how he thinks the AEW International Championship represents what AEW stands for.

“To me, this [championship] what I believe AEW stands for,” Orange Cassidy said. “It represents, to me, that it doesn’t matter what you look like, who you are or what your thing is, or what kind of wrestler you are. You will be given an opportunity, and you have the opportunity to be a champion, which AEW gave me.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere without AEW and Nick and Matt Jackson hooking it up. I was able to be, I was able to be Orange Cassidy, that’s me, [and] I am able to do that in AEW. So that represents [AEW] to me.”

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