christian cage
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Christian Cage Says He Re-Signed A ‘Big Fat Contract’ With AEW

It sounds like fans can expect Christian Cage to be around AEW for a few more years.

During his AEW All Out post-show media scrum appearance, Christian Cage was asked about what’s next for him. After making a remark about being a collector (of watches and titles), Tony Khan complimented Cage’s work in the company.

“I think Christian Cage is doing some of the best wrestling, some of the best work of his entire career,” Khan said. “I’m very grateful to have him in AEW. Thank you for joining us tonight for AEW All Out, being part of AEW All In and AEW All Out. [It’s] one of the biggest weeks ever in pro wrestling, certainly the biggest week in AEW history.

“When you arrived in AEW, I said this is going to be a huge signing. And 2021, it ended up being a huge year,” Khan added, “a transformational year in AEW. Your arrival was a huge part of that, so thank you very much.”

Christian commented on people doubting him and said revealed that he’d re-signed with AEW.

“Weren’t people — and it might have even been some of you people, that said I wasn’t worth the hype? I think I proved you all wrong, haven’t I? Hmm? I know I proved Tony Khan right, because he just re-signed me to a big fat contract,” he stated. “He opened the vault for me and I deserve every single penny that I got.”

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