The Miz ‘Attacks’ John Cena On 9/4 WWE RAW
Image Credit: WWE

The Miz ‘Attacks’ John Cena On 9/4 WWE RAW

The Miz hosted a special episode of Miz TV tonight on WWE RAW, calling out John Cena and then proceeding to “attack” the WWE legend.

In the ring, Miz said that he wanted to bring out John Cena, who promised to call it fair during his time as special guest referee at WWE Payback. However, Cena never came out, prompting Miz to begin interviewing an invisible Cena. Miz asked the crowd if they can see him, because Miz said he can see right through him.

The Miz then began asking Cena various questions, and began accusing him of conspiring with LA Knight, and proceeded to “kick out” Cena from the ring. After getting no response and with the crowd taunting Miz with chants of “Yeah!” Miz then “slapped” Cena, before pretending to get pushed and then suddenly ducking a clothesline and hitting a Skull Crushing Finale on air.