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Brandi Rhodes Reflects On Her Experience In AEW

Brandi Rhodes comments on her experience in AEW and highlights her work with KultureCity.

Rhodes joined the company in its inaugural year of 2019, and she served as the Chief Brand Officer. She also had a brief run as wrestler and as an on-screen talent. Brandi and her husband, Cody Rhodes, were key figures in the early years of AEW. But they both left the company in February 2022. While Cody returned to WWE, Brandi has focused on other projects.

Speaking with Bill Apter and Dr. Chris Featherstone from Sportskeeda Wrestling, Rhodes was asked to discuss her experience in AEW. Apter stated that he thought she had a “very positive” experience. Rhodes responded by noting that she had a lot of experiences.

“I had a lot of experiences. It’s hard to kind of draw it all into just one thing. But if I have to say, the most memorable thing for me, the most impactful thing with working with AEW, was the relationship that I was able to form with KultureCity.

“That is the thing I always want to hang my hat on with all of the time I spent in AEW and everything I was able to do. That was the most meaningful thing, in my opinion.”

Brandi Rhodes Highlights KultureCity

Brandi Rhodes continued by emphasizing that she was proud that she was able to help bring KultureCity into the wrestling business. She stated that she had many moments with KultureCity and fans that touched her heart.

“I think that they’re still working together, which is cool,” Brandi Rhodes said. “But KultureCity, the mission, what they do for people, they allow people to feel the confidence to be able to do, it’s just massive.

“To be able to have a hand in bringing that to the wrestling industry was massive for me. I have many moments with KultureCity and with fans that just really touched my heart.”

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