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Matt Cardona: Jon Moxley Is Ducking Me, GCW Or AEW Needs To Book The Match

Matt Cardona wants to face Jon Moxley.

At GCW The Art of War Games 2021, Matt Cardona defeated Frank the Clown to retain the GCW World Championship. Moxley then came out and beat Cardona in an impromptu match to win the title. As of this writing, Cardona has yet to receive a rematch for the championship.

Speaking with Battle, Eli, and Xenia on the Battleground Podcast, Matt Cardona was asked whether he was disappointed that he never got a proper match against Moxley.

“He’s ducking me,” Matt Cardona said. “Not only have I not had a match with Moxley in GCW. I have since gotten no rematch for my GCW Championship after losing to Mox. So that was the Chicago Screwjob. I was screwed. I had a grueling one-on-one encounter with Frank the Clown. It took everything I had to beat Frank, one of the toughest competitors in the game.

“Just as I’m celebrating, thinking I had won, out comes Moxley, who screws me. I wasn’t ready. Even though I’m always ready, I wasn’t ready at that moment. I haven’t gotten a rematch against Mox or against anyone for that title. So I think GCW’s gotta book it. Or AEW. Either or.”

Time will tell whether Matt Cardona will get a match with Moxley.

Meanwhile, Moxley will defend the AEW International Championship against AR Fox on the September 6 episode of AEW Dynamite. WrestleZone will have coverage of the show as it airs.

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