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Matt Cardona Would Love To Have A Deathmatch In NWA

Matt Cardona says “The Deathmatch King” could come to NWA, for the right price.

Cardona famously defeated Nick Gage in a Deathmatch to win the GCW World Championship at GCW Homecoming 2021. This victory launched his remarkable run on the independent scene. He went on to win the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, but he was forced to relinquish the title due to injury.

Speaking with Battle, Eli, and Xenia on the Battleground Podcast, Cardona was asked whether Deathmatches have a spot in the NWA. He made it clear that he willing to take his “Deathmatch King” crown out.

“If Billy Corgan wants me to bring my Deathmatch King crown out, I gladly will. I’m the Deathmatch King, I’m the Indy God,” Cardona said. “The great thing about Matt Cardona is there’s so many different layers to the onion. When you’re seeing Matt Cardona on a Saturday, it’s not the same guy you saw on a Friday. There’s so many different versions of me.”

Matt Cardona Pitches Potential NWA Title Deathmatch

Matt Cardona continued by noting that NWA President Billy Corgan would have to pay up if he wanted the “Deathmatch King” in NWA. He suggested that he would love to have a deathmatch in NWA, potentially for the world title.

“If Billy Corgan wants the Deathmatch King in NWA, pad the ‘lope, pal, I can do it. Money talks, baby,” Matt Cardona said. “I would love to have a death match in NWA. I think an even trade for that would be for Billy to put the championship on the line.”

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