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Kamille Says She Told NWA It Was Time For Her To Lose The Women’s Title In February

Kamille says she was ready to lose the NWA World Women’s Championship months before she dropped the title.

Kamille won the gold at NWA When Our Shadows Fall in 2021, and she held it for over 800 days. Kenzie Paige beat her to win the championship at NWA 75. The loss brought Kamille’s reign to an end at 813 days.

Speaking with Steve Fall for WrestlingNewsCo, Kamille recalled how she told NWA it was time for her to lose the title in February. She stated that she pointed to Kenzie Paige as the NWA star who was next in line.

“I want to say it was after Nuff Said, which I think was like in February, I was talking to Pat Kenney on the phone about, a reimbursement or something random,” Kamille said. “I just said, ‘It’s time for me to lose the title.’ It’s time. I went through almost every girl in the division, [and] I had it for, at that point, it was almost about to hit the two-year mark.

“I was like, ‘I feel like I’m as over as I’m going to be as a champion’, and I was just like, ‘It’s time to highlight someone else and get someone else over.’ I did say at that time, I was like, and I feel like I really want it to be Kenzie. I said, ‘I think Kenzie is next.’ Obviously she wrestled before the NWA, obviously. But this was the first company she’s ever been signed to. She’s sort of a NWA homegrown talent. Little fun fact, she was my first title defense with my championship reign.”

Kamille: I Felt Like Fans Needed A Break From Me

Kamille then described how she felt like the NWA fans needed a break from her. She stated that she needed to refresh and regroup in order to shake things up. The former champion made it clear that she was happy to pass it on to Kenzie Paige.

“I just put that out there and I said I feel like the people, the NWA fans, need a break from me for a little bit,” Kamille said. “They just need a little break from me. I need to kind of refresh, regroup, and figure something else out. I mean, eventually things get, you know, I don’t know if complacent is the word, but it’s like, ‘Oh, okay, she’s gonna win.’

“So I was just like, it was time. Plain and simple it was time. I couldn’t be more than happy that I got to pass it to Kenzie Paige.”

Kamille went on to note that she wished there was better storytelling going into the match at NWA 75. She also stated that she felt either Natailia Markova or Kenzie Paige would have been fitting successors.

Kamille Reflects On Her Lengthy Title Reign

Kamille continued by reflecting on her lengthy title reign. She stated that getting into the top five of the longest reigns in NWA history was a big deal.

“When I first got the title, my goal in my head was like it’d be so cool to have it for a year. I was like, that is huge to have it for a year,” Kamille said. “It would give me time to grow into being a champion and really prove myself.

“So once I hit the year, I don’t say I didn’t care because obviously I care, but then I was like, okay, whatever happens, happens, and then it just kept going and going. Then I got to the point where I passed June Byers for that number five spot, and so I etched my name in literal history by being in the top five. I mean, that belt has been a thing since 1948. It’s a big deal.”

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