NWA Powerrr EC3 Zicky Dice
Image Credit: NWA

NWA Powerrr Stream & Results (9/12): EC3, Kenzie Paige, Colby Corino, More

The National Wrestling Alliance presented the newest episode of NWA Powerrr on September 12.

The card is as follows:

  • 4-Way Determines Finalist For NWA Men’s TV Championship: Zicky Dice def. Judais and Dak Draper and Gaagz The Gymp
  • The Southern Six (Ricky Morton, “Thrillbilly’ Silas Mason, and Alex Taylor) comment on Ricky Morton being the special referee for the tag team match later in the show.
  • Jax Dane def. AJ Cazana
  • In an interview, Ricky Morton shares his thoughts on being the special referee for the tag team match between Homicide and Joe Alonzo and Colby Corino and Koa Laxamana.
  • Rolando and Rush Freeman are interviewed about the downfall of The Spectaculars. Rolando says he got Rush a match with Thom Latimer.
  • Homicide & Joe Alonzo def. Colby Corino & Koa Laxamana (Special Guest Referee – Ricky Morton)
    • Ricky Morton hit Laxamana below the belt, and Alonzo pinned him for the win.
  • NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3 came to the podium, and NWA World Television Champion Thom Latimer comes out. EC3 comments on his title win and says he wants to be the greatest NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion of all time. He challenges Latimer to face him in the main event of NWA SAMHAIN. Kamille interrupts and says EC3 smells like “dookie.” She says EC3 politicked his way to the title. Kamille says Gaagz the Gymp could have defeated Tyrus, and the wrestling world would have celebrated. Latimer accepts EC3’s challenge, saying he’ll see the champion in Cleveland.
  • Chris Adonis comes to the podium and calls himself “sexy Jesus” and makes it clear he intends to win the TV Title so he can cash it in for a shot at the world championship.
  • NWA World Women’s Championship: Kenzie Paige (c) def. Samantha Starr

The full episode is available here: