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Photo Credit: WWE

Nick Khan Comments On WWE Media Rights Negotiations

WWE is entering a new era, as the company closed its deal with Endeavor on September 12. Through the agreement, UFC and WWE have merged to form TKO, a new publicly traded company. Alongside this deal, WWE’s media nights negotiations loom large.

The company has been working with USA Network and FOX in recent years, but with the deals coming up in 2024, WWE is exploring its options.

Speaking with the Sports Business Journal, WWE CEO Nick Khan commented on the negotiations. He stated that he expects to start pushing as the football season “takes off” in the near future.

“You’ve seen bidding wars between Comcast and Disney on things like the Fox assets, which ultimately went to Disney, and Sky, which ultimately went to Comcast,” Nick Khan said. “It does make one wonder how this might look down the road as both companies and as TKO enters into these negotiations. We think ratings, relevancy and revenue for both properties are off the charts, and, of course, we always want to grow that.”

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