WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results (9/12/23)

WWE NXT Results

September 12, 2023

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

Number One Contender’s Match: Wes Lee vs. Ilja Dragunov

Lee boots Dragunov in the face as soon as the bell rings. Dragunov misses a chop. Lee unloads on Dragunov, landing rights and lefts. Dragunov blocks a kick and trips Lee. Lee and Dragunov trade strikes. Dragunov floors Lee with a chop. Lee avoids a kick from Dragunov and lands a dropkick to the back of Dragunov’s head. Lee counters a German suplex with an arm drag. After a series of counters, Lee runs right into a vicious chop from Dragunov. Dragunov lands multiple German suplexes.

Lee back flips out of the third attempt. Koppo kick by Lee. Dragunov falls out of the ring. Lee blasts Dragunov with a suicide shoulder block through the ropes. Dive by Lee. Lee tries it again, but Dragunov catches him with a dropkick before he can sail through the ropes. Dragunov waistlocks Lee, and German suplexes him on the commentary desk. Lee’s body is contorted in ways it just shouldn’t be upon impact. After the break, Lee counters a powerbomb with a rana hold. Dragunov kicks out.

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Dragunov lays in a few punches. Lee fires back. Dragunov boots Lee in the face. Savate kick by Lee. Lee mushroom stomps Dragunov’s chest. Both men are down. Lee works over Dragunov in the corner. Dragunov walks right into a standing Spanish fly. Dragunov kicks out. Lee walks into a lariat by Dragunov. Lee kicks out. Dragunov catches Lee in midair as he attempts the Cardiac Kick. Dragunov sets up a powerslam, but Lee turns it into a DDT.

Dragunov rolls out of the ring before Lee can pin him. Lee leaps clear over the ring post and lands on Dragunov. Lee goes up top. Dragunov cuts him off. Superplex by Dragunov. Dragunov lands the H-Bomb. Lee kicks out! Lee counters the Torpedo Moskau with a high knee. Lee drops to his knees. Dragunov lands the H-Bomb to the back of Lee’s head. Dragunov pins Lee.

Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Ilja Dragunov!

After the match, NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes walks out on the stage and jaws with Dragunov.

In-Ring Segment: Baron Corbin

Corbin says he doesn’t like the fans, and they don’t like him, but what they all witnessed last week affected them all. Seeing Bron Breakker crush Von Wagner’s head with the ring steps was one of the most heinous things he’s seen. Corbin notes that all of the stuff we know about Wagner’s brain surgeries is real life. Breakker knew that and took advantage of it. Corbin asks for Breakker to come out here because he has something to say. Breakker walks down the ramp.

Corbin tells Breakker to stop right there. Corbin says he has to say this to Breakker’s face. What Breakker did last week… was the coolest thing he’s ever seen in his life! Breakker and Corbin celebrate over it. Breakker calls Corbin an idiot. He didn’t do that for Corbin’s approval. Breakker did it because Wagner put him through a table. Breakker says he reveled in Wagner’s pain.

Breakker didn’t just like it, he loved it. He ended Wagner’s career. Corbin says he invited Breakker out here to be nice and offer to pay his fine, but he clearly doesn’t want that. Breakker challenges Corbin to a match. Corbin tells Breakker he’s not Wagner. Corbin slaps Breakker. Breakker slaps him back. The two take turns slapping each other until they are broken up by security.

Bourne, Briggs, and Jensen w/ Fallon Henley vs. Drew Gulak, Damon Kemp, and Charlie Dempsey

The fight spills out of the ring. Kemp dives off the ring steps and almost lands on Henley, but Bourne pulls her out of the way. As Jensen tries to get in the ring. Bourne sends him into the ring post. Kemp hits his finish for the win.

Winners- Drew Gulak, Damon Kemp, and Charlie Dempsey

After the match, Bourne celebrates with Gulak, and Co. Henley looks on, despondent.

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Lyra Valkyria vs. Dana Brooke w/ Kelani Jordan

Brooke take control early. Valkyria fires up and eventually lands a splash off the top for the win.

Winner- Lyra Valkyria

After the match, Valkyria checks on Brooke. As Valkyria tries to walk away. Brooke lunges at her. Jordan holds Brooke back as Valkyria leaves.

Group A Heritage Cup Invitational Match: Tyler Bate vs. Axiom

Bate and Axiom trade big moves. Axiom counters a Tyler Driver into a rana. Bate bounces off the ropes and hits a rebound lariat. Bate lands the Tyler Driver for the win.

Winner- Tyler Bate

The Creed Brothers w/Ivy Nile vs. Edris Enofé and Malik Blade

Blade and Enofé are in control early, displaying aggression we usually don’t see from both men. Brutus fires up, and the Creeds hit the Doomsday Brutus Ball for the win.

Winners- The Creed Brothers

Group B Heritage Cup Invitational Match: Akira Tozawa vs. Nathan Frazer

Tozawa and Frazer trade pin attempts. Tozawa lands a German suplex followed by a shining Wizard. Missle dropkick by Tozawa. Tozawa lands a suicide dive. Tozawa goes up top. Frazer cuts Tozawa off and hits a superplex into a spinning neckbreaker for the win.

Winner- Nathan Frazer

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Tiffany Stratton (c) vs. Becky Lynch

Stratton lands a few strikes. Lynch drops down, and Stratton cartwheels over her. Stratton matrixes to avoid Lynch. Lynch does the same exact sequence and mocks Stratton. Lynch almost locks in the Disarmher. Stratton avoids it. Stratton dumps Lynch over the top. During the break, Lynch is getting worked over by Stratton. Lynch fires up and lands a dropkick off the top. Stratton kicks out. Lynch tries the Disarmher again. Stratton counters with a sky high. Lynch kicks out. Stratton sets up the Prettiest Moonsault Ever. Lunch cuts her off. Stratton stuns Lynch on the top rope. Lynch cuts Stratton off on the top again.

Lynch lays in a flurry of punches while they are perched on the top. Stratton blocks Lynch’s superplex with a gourd buster. Stratton follows that with a beautiful swanton bomb. Lynch kicks out! Lynch surprises Stratton with a butterfly suplex into a cross armbar, Brian Danielson-style. Stratton eventually turns it into a pin. Lynch kicks out. Double stomp by Stratton. Lynch kicks out yet again. Stratton tries her moonsault again, but Lynch stops her and hits a Russian leg sweep off the second rope. Stratton rolls out of the ring to avoid getting pinned. Lynch follows and gets tripped on the apron. Stratton sends Lynch into the ring steps.

Stratton clears the commentary desk and tries to powerbomb Lynch through it. Lynch hooks the barricade and pulls herself up. Lynch kicks Stratton, and she falls on the desk. Lynch lands a leg drop off the barricade (but the table doesn’t break). Leg drop off the top by Lynch. Stratton kicks out. Disarmher by Lynch. Stratton gets to the ropes. After a series of counters, Stratton hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Stratton lands a rolling senton and goes up top for the Prettiest Moonsault Ever. Lynch moves and hits the Manhandle Slam for the win.

Winner and NEW NXT Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch!

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