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Chris Adonis To NWA: Is It Now OK To Say Why Fans Really Rejected Tyrus?

It looks like Chris Adonis echoed the sentiments of many wrestling fans today regarding Tyrus.

Earlier today, Chris Adonis of the National Wrestling Alliance took to social media to ask the company a very important question regarding former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

“Hey @nwa is it ok to say now that our fans didn’t reject Tyrus due to politics or Fox News. IT WAS CAUSE HE CAN’T MOVE,” Chris Adonis posted.

The tweet in question has since been deleted.

Tyrus lost the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship to EC3 in a Bullrope match at NWA 75. The stipulation attached to the match was that if Tyrus lost, he must retire.

Adonis and Tyrus teamed up at the Crockett Cup earlier this year. The pair also spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of that event and highlighted their history with each other. They had not teamed much beforehand, but Chris Adonis and Tyrus share a lot of history together through WWE, NWA, and in real life.

Chemistry Brings Championships

“What was cool about Tyrus is the history goes back even farther,” Chris Adonis began. “It goes back to like 2004, I believe, or 2005. And I remember it was like my first WrestleMania with WWE and it was out here and Tyrus and myself have a mutual friend out here. His name is Rico, and he had an alias, Flex Furious was his gimmick name. We had a mutual friend in him and so basically, I knew of him out here. He bounced some of the same spots that I did. He went on to obviously bodyguard for Snoop [Dogg] and do much, much more. Even with the WWE thing, it’s kind of like we just kind of crossed paths with each other, but we were never really kind of on a roster together until maybe the very end, I guess maybe 2010. So yeah, we go back, man.”

“Again, [Tyrus] was out here in LA and I saw him as I was in WWE and we’ve never gotten a chance to team, let alone even really work much,” he continued. “I think we maybe did one tag match in NXT back when it was a whole different thing. So, then you fast forward to the NWA 312 pay-per-view, which I thought was a hell of a competitive matchup. It was probably Tyrus’s best match since he’s become the champion. I think this is a great opportunity in front of us too. I mean, I’m not over not winning the NWA championship, and I’m still obsessed with the idea of winning it. But in the meantime, the Crockett Cup and having Tyrus watching my back sounds like a good piece of history right there that we can obtain.”

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