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MJF Uses ‘MJF Math’ To Send Samoa Joe A Message On 9/13 AEW Dynamite

MJF references Steiner math.

During the September 13 episode of AEW Dynamite, AEW World Champion MJF was in the trainer’s room with Renee Paquette and Adam Cole when he sent a message to his potential challenger at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam next week.

MJF said, “See normally if you go one-on-one with another wrestler, you’ve got a 50-50 chance of winning. But I’m a genetic freak and I’m not normal. So you’ve got a 25% chance at best of beating me. Then you add my boy Cole watching my back to the mix, your chances of winning drastically go down. See, in our match at Grand Slam, you have a 33 and 1/3 chance of winning, but I’ve got a 66 and 2/3 chance of winning because everyone in New York knows you can’t beat me.

“So Samoa Joe, you take your 33 and 1/3 chance minus my 25% chance, and you’ve got an 8 and 1/3 chance of winning at Grand Slam. But then you gotta take my 75% chance of winning since we’re wrestling in my home state of New York, and then you add 66 and 2/3 chance, I’ve got a 141 and 2/3 percent chance of winning at Grand Slam. See, Joe? The numbers don’t lie and they spell disaster for you in Arthur Ashe.”

The infamous “Steiner math” promo first happened in TNA in 2007 when Scott Steiner inserted himself into a Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

IMPACT Wrestling will appropriately celebrate 1,000 episodes this Thursday.

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