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Heath Responds To Reports About His IMPACT Wrestling Status

Could Heath be headed for free agency soon?

Heath has been with IMPACT Wrestling since July 2020. He made his debut for the company at that year’s Slammiversary event. Now, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful (via Fightful Select) reports that The Redhead Rebel is set to be a free agent in October. According to the report, his deal is set to expire, and the two sides have not yet agreed on a new deal.

Heath responded to this report…

…by posting a “hushed face” emoji on Twitter.

Heath and Rhyno have been IMPACT World Tag Team Champions since his tenure in the company began. He also suffered a serious abdominal injury during his match at Bound For Glory 2020. As a result, he had time added to his original deal.

He originally told the Miami Herald’s Jimmy Varsallone in October 2022 that he had “a year” left on his contract.

Overcoming The Mental Aspect

During a recent interview with WrestleZone, Heath spoke about healing from abdominal issues and how he’s feeling. He’s feeling great overall, but he’s also mindful of listening to his body to avoid injury again.

“It’s a fact. It was a whole mental game for me for a while, and I think that’s with a lot of guys that get injured at any sports. When you get injured, it’s like, ‘should I do that again? Should I even try that again? What if it hurts me again?’ It’s always in the back of your head. It’s always there. I always think about it,” Heath noted. “But in the ring, sometimes you lose yourself and you just get caught up with the crowd, caught up in the match and everything. Then next thing you know, you just forget about it and you just start being you and doing what you love to do.

“It took me a little bit while to get there just because when I first came back, man, I can watch matches where I’m bumping, I’m falling and you see me hold my abdomen area, groin area, move around just to see if everything’s okay. But now I’m not doing that as much just because I’m more comfortable. I’m telling you, it is true, the physical pain is rough and it’s that whole ‘I hope this surgery works,’ but my goodness, that mental trauma it puts on you,” he noted, “that’s hard to get through.”

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