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Photo Credit: WWE

Backstage Update On Matt Riddle’s WWE Status

It sounds like Matt Riddle will be returning to WWE RAW next week.

Following an incident at the JFK Airport last weekend, Matt Riddle was not featured on WWE RAW this week. But the two things don’t seem to be connected.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, WWE sources have told him that Matt Riddle is slated to return to the company next week on WWE RAW. Talents were told that Riddle missed RAW earlier this week due to a “medical issue.”

Riddle is still scheduled to miss this weekend’s WWE Live Events.

The Summer of Bro? Not so much…

The Original Bro is currently involved in a storyline with Drew McIntyre, who has been reluctantly teaming with Riddle on WWE RAW in recent weeks. This summer has undeniably been a far cry from what Riddle was hoping to achieve in recent months, as he said on an episode of RAW Talk back in May that it would be the “Summer of Bro.”

“You know what, I think things are gonna be okay,” Matt Riddle said. “And with the WWE Draft just happening with all the new competition. We’ve got Gunther and new titles, the World Title, and the Intercontinental Title on Raw now. Just sky’s the limit. I think it’s going to be the Summer of Bro. You know what I’m saying?”

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What do you make of this update? Are you looking forward to Matt Riddle’s reported WWE return next week? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.