james storm
Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

James Storm Sets The Record Straight Regarding His Booking Fee

James Storm responds to fan reaction to his appearance in the OVW documentary, “Wrestlers” on Netflix.

Responding to criticism of his appearance in “Wrestlers” where his $600 booking fee was discussed, James Storm, on X, cleared the air regarding his booking fee as mentioned on the documentary and the win-win scenario of his appearance.

Well as wrestlers and fans know not many shows run on a Thursday. Al called and asked me if I would help out and help some of the talent. Travel and hotel paid + filming Netflix and only 2 1/2 hrs from my house, not bad. Plus I don’t really need the money, but if you can make a little, get in some reps, help people and get an ACTORS credit that I got. Win win. I got to help and work with some good friends. Now the other guy doesn’t know a wrist lock from a wrist watch .

As wrestlers we try and help out one another and do the “brother brother rate”

James Storm was slated to return as part of America’s Most Wanted for IMPACT 1000.

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