Speedball Mike Bailey
Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Mike Bailey Shares His Biggest Regret In Pro Wrestling

Former IMPACT Wrestling X Division champion Mike Bailey recently “opened up” about his biggest regret in professional wrestling.

The Canadian-born wrestler has wrestled all around the world in multiple promotions in the Independent circuit. He began his career as a professional wrestler back in 2006. He has also competed in IMPACT Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and many more. Bailey has also captured the X Division Championship once in his career.

Speedball although can be classified as a high-flying wrestler, he also has a unique wrestling style. He recently took to Twitter to claim that his biggest regret in his career was not chasing championships in soon-to-shut-down companies.

“My biggest regret in wrestling is not chasing after championships from promotions I knew would shut down within weeks of me winning the belt so I could keep it forever,” Bailey tweeted.

Of course, it is obvious that he meant it as a joke, but it’s certainly an interesting accolade.

Recently, upcoming professional wrestler Matt Vertigo revealed that he was interested in having a match against Mike Bailey. He also had many more rising stars on his bucket list.

“Sometimes..you just gotta put it in the universe.. I WANT TO FIGHT @SpeedballBailey @jboujii @ItsBrandonKirk (punka**) @theirondemon @ThePrizeCityOG I have for awhile and i want it bad

Got to make these happen,” Matt Vertigo tweeted.

The former IMPACT Wrestling X Division Champion replied by agreeing to a match. Their fans can expect the two start to step inside a squared circle to battle each other very soon.

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